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Boost Promo Terms and Conditions

Whats the offer?

All race organisers who sign up for a Plus or Pro plan during the time of the offer will receive 1 free Boost for 1 month on a regional landing page - London landing pages are unfortunately excluded.

Boosts, if you don't know, push your event to the top of the event listings and highlight them. You get loads more eyes on the event and lots more people on the start line.

How to redeem

Once you have signed up and paid for a Plus or Pro plan we will be in touch to chat about which event and which page you want to be boosted on. As soon as we know we will get the boost live. Easy.

Extra info

The offer is for 1 event boosted for a period of 1 month on a regional landing page. We're not able to split up the boost across different races or different time periods. For example... we couldn't boost one race for 2 weeks and another for 2 weeks. Nor can we boost one race for 2 weeks in September and another 2 weeks in December.

London landing pages are excluded.

The deadline for the offer is 31/10/2019 - if you sign up for a Plus or Pro account after this date then no free boost for you :(

Boosts must be used before the end of January 2020. That means that the deadline for getting the boost set up is 31/12/2019