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Welcome to the findarace Challenge Club,
a monthly virtual challenge series.

With the summer behind us and schools open once again, September will be a good time to hit reset and establish a new routine. A routine that includes some quality exercise time. This month, along with the ever-popular running goals, we've added some swim/bike/run challenges as well as some cycling-only distance goals.

This month the Club is raising funds for Target Ovarian Cancer, a charity working to raise awareness and survival rates of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

🚨 Sorry, the September challenges are now sold out.

How it Works

Get a Goal

Choose your own challenge or team up with friends and family

Get going

You have 30 days from entering to complete your challenge

Get Medal

Send us your evidence and we'll send you your hard-earned medal

The medal

This month's quote is from Baz Luhrmann's 'Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen'. Some sage and liberating advice to remind us that the only person we're competing with is ourselves.

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  • Cc2 Discs

The medal comes on a lanyard attached with a black nickel-plated clip. An accompanying disc on a ball chain shows the challenge distance completed. Keep it close at hand to remind you why you run, and to encourage you to get out there regularly.


Choose from team and solo challenges, and race or distance goals.


Set yourself a cycling or multisport challenge


Entry to any of the challenges unlocks your Challenge page on, where you'll find a progress tracker, leaderboards (for team entries) and a photo gallery. We'll also drop into your inbox occasionally to share ideas for all things running, from pre-run warm up drills to inspiring books to read and motivating films to watch.

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Supporting Target Ovarian Cancer

£2.50 of every entry fee goes to Target Ovarian Cancer.

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100% ringspun super soft cotton T shirt. Features Baz Luhrmann quote on the back and Challenge Club logo on the front chest. A Regular Fit tee, good for sweating in, good for relaxing in. Both things you'll be doing over the next 30 days.

Cc3 T Shirt


1,000 people took part, raising more than £3,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society. 🙌

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What is a Virtual Challenge?

Virtual Challenges are a great way to stay motivated, get a great medal and support the Target Ovarian Cancer. Registered Charity number 1125038.

How does the charity donation work?

£2.50 from each entry will go to Target Ovarian Cancer. If you want to raise any additional money during your running that would be even better.

What’s the difference between a distance challenge and a race distance?

The distance challenges are for a cumulative distance in the time period and a race distance has to be completed in one go. Depending on your goals you can choose which works best for you.

Is there a start date or deadline?

You can start your challenge as soon as you've entered. The deadline is a rolling 30 days, ie. all challenges need to be completed within 30 days of entering.

What do I have to do to sign up?

Super easy! Just choose the distance or time challenge that you want and enter your details. Once you've signed up we will keep you informed throughout the challenge. All you need to do is complete your challenge by the deadline specified, upload your evidence and then your medal will be sent out in the post.

What do you mean by race evidence?

To get the medal we need to know you completed the challenge. We can take evidence in many forms; a photo of the distance on your watch/treadmill, a screenshot from any one of the running apps, an excel sheet you use to log your runs, a photo of you doing your home workout. We're the believing type so if you tell us you've done it, we trust you.

Who can enter a virtual challenge?

Everyone! We suggest that anyone under 18 should complete the distance/time under supervision. By entering a virtual race you agree that any injury or damage caused by completing your race/challenge is your own responsibility. Find a Race Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury occurring during completing a race/challenge. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

How do I upload my evidence?

Upload your evidence as you go. Either use the evidence Upload link from your Booking Confirmation email, or use the general Challenge Club Evidence Upload page:

Where can I get information on the races I’ve entered?

We will send an email with all the information for your race and another to let you know how to send over the evidence.

When will I get my medal?

Medals will be shipping from the middle of October.

Tell me more about the medal

The medal's 60mm high and 4mm thick. Each medal comes on a detachable lanyard and a separate tag showing the distance completed.