Heavy Metal Ultra

Keila, Estonia

59.31534702679981, 24.392287247507173

Sat 07th August 2021

Organiser's Description

Heavy Metal Ultra is a backyard ultra race in Estonia. Backyard Ultra is a race format, where participants run in 6,7 km loop starting every full hour to new loop until there is only one person left in competition. There is no time limit for that. First start of Heavy Metal Ultra will be 07.08.2021 at 10:00 when first heavy metal song will start to play. During the day, you run on the technical and demanding forest trail and at night on asphalt road.
2021 HMU is the Golden Ticket Competition. This means that the winner will automatically be awarded with a starting place on the 2021 "Big's Backyard Ultra" in the USA, where the winners of backyard ultras around the world will compete in the World Cup.
Registration: https://heavymetalultra.com/take-part/
Rules: https://heavymetalultra.com/rules/

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Keila, Estonia