Mowsbury 6 Hour Challenge

Mowsbury 6 Hour Challenge

Bedford, Bedfordshire

Mowsbury Park,, Bedford MK41 8DQ, UK

Sun 01st August 2021

Organiser's Description

The challenge is a 6 hour challenge each lap is 3.275 miles. Complete as many loops as you wish within the time limit. Run one lap, a half marathon, a marathon or an ultra! The course is as flat as you can get with virtually no elevation, so if you’re looking for a fast half marathon ,marathon or Ultra this is for you, or if you want a easy paced race then that’s also up to you. Our moto is ” It’s Your Pace”. We want you to enjoy your running.

You will be given a laminated card and cable tie to attach to you which must be hole punched each lap.

1 Lap = 3.275
4Laps = 13.1 half marathon
8 Laps = 26.2 marathon
9 Laps = Ultra marathon

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Bedford, Bedfordshire