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Grands Lacs de Laffrey

Prairie de la Rencontre, Laffrey, France

Sun 23rd August 2020

3 races

£100.00 - £210.00

Organiser's Description

"The playground of the Great Lakes of Laffrey is a pure wonder for swimrun lovers."

Here, nature is the queen. At an altitude of 1000m, in the heart of the Alps, the chain of lakes is atypical and the mountainous paths are magnificent at the foot of mythical French massifs: Taillefer (2857m), Alpe du Grand Serre (2141m), Tabor (2389m) or even Obiou (2789m). Welcome to the doors of the National Park of the boxes. ( swimrun grenoble laffrey )

In 2020, this preserved paradise will once again be the scene of a Global exclusivity at the height of the premises: the one and only SWIMRUN VERTICAL race in the world ! On this already legendary route, the CLASSIC and SPRINT formats will allow everyone to enjoy the region's natural surroundings and assets in their own way.


  • Sprint Entry - Team of Two

    12.20km RUN / 2.55km SWIM

    £100.00 CLOSED
  • Classic Entry - Team of Two

    3.80km SWIM | RUN 18.30km

    £150.00 CLOSED
  • Vertical Entry - Team of Two

    6.30km SWIM | 24.30km RUN | LIMITED PLACES

    £210.00 CLOSED


  • Sprint Entry - Team of Two

    12.20km RUN / 2.55km SWIM

    £100.00 CLOSED
  • Classic Entry - Team of Two

    3.80km SWIM | RUN 18.30km

    £150.00 CLOSED
  • Vertical Entry - Team of Two

    6.30km SWIM | 24.30km RUN | LIMITED PLACES

    £210.00 CLOSED
What's Included


Swim Cap

Finisher Medals

After Race Buffet

Sprint Details

Total distance: 14.75km

Total swim: 2.55km
Total run: 12.20km
Ascent: 279m Stretch
time: 1h40 to 3h45

Number of swim: 6
Number of run: 7

Big swim: 0.60km
Big run: 4.40km

Liquid refueling: 2
Solid refueling: 2

An ideal course to discover the swimrun. With well-distributed, no-too-long and no-short swim and run portions, and 12 transitions to the program, this SPRINT SWIMRUNMAN format will win over novices as well as confirmed swimrunners. Let yourself be tempted by the experience . On a bucolic route where you will have to cross the lakes of LAFFREY and PETICHET, you will evolve in an exceptional setting between the changing blue waters of the lakes and the surrounding mountainous terrain that will remind you that you are in the Alps. In SOLO or DUO, the total distance before reaching the finish line is 14.75km including 2.55km of swimming and 12.20km of running for a vertical drop of 279m.

Classic Details

Total distance: 22.10km

Total swim: 3.80km
Total run: 18.30km
Ascent: 476m
Effort time: 2h30 to 4h40

Number of swim: 7
Number of runs: 8

Big swim: 1.25km
Big run: 6.70km

Liquid refueling: 3
Solid refueling: 2

How not to be transported by the spectacle offered by the Great Lakes of Laffrey? The four lakes mark the border between the Écrins National Park and the Vercors, where nature still has its rights. Surrounded by the Taillefer massif (2857m), the Alpe du Grand Serre (2141m), the Tabor (2389m) and with the Obiou in the background (2789m), the decor is majestic. On a course acclaimed in 2019 the CLASSIC SWIMRUNMAN format will take you from one shore to another of the lakes throughout its 22.1km (3.80km SWIM / 18.30km RUN) and, whether you are in BINOM or SOLO , you You will be able to marvel at these alpine landscapes, between lakes and mythical peaks. Simply grandiose.

Vertical Details

Total distance: 30.60km

Total swim: 6.30km
Total run: 24.30km
Ascent: 1681m Stretch
time: 4h40 to 8h30

Number of swim: 8
Number of runs: 9

Big swim: 2.50km
Big run: 6.70km
Finishline: Vertical Kilometer (1.8km to 52%)

Liquid refueling: 7
Solid refueling: 5

It is a world exclusive and it is French, presentation of VERTICAL SWIMRUNMAN. The Grand Serre in patois means "the highest peak" and it is all up there that you will have to go, after the effort and yourself, to clinch your FINISHER medal. 8 swimming sections (6.30km), including an incredible length of 2,500m from Lac de Laffrey, 9 sections of running (22.5km), then this Vertical Kilometer of Grand Serre for an epic finale that you will not find anywhere else.

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Grands Lacs de Laffrey