Two Tunnels Railway Races - August

Brickfields Park, Bath

Organiser's Description

A fast out and back course with lots of PB potential through Bath's Combe Down and Devonshire Tunnels - disused railway tunnels which until 2013 were sealed and inaccessible. This unique and truly special race takes in many of Bath's beautiful attractions, and also has the longest underground sections of any running race in the UK!

This is the last of 4 events in 2019, which offer a variety of events for all the family, with an ultra, marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, and a Colourburst run for the kids. Start and finish will be in Brickfields Park in the middle of the City - a green park with children's playground, a great spot to sit and enjoy a picnic after the race.

To enter the Ultra event either as an individual, a pair or a team of 5, please see the extra information below.

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  • 2 km Colourburst No min age
    £10 BOOK
  • 500m Colourburst No min age
    £8 BOOK
  • 5 km - UKA Affiliated Min age 12yrs
    £13 BOOK
  • 5 km - Unaffiliated Min age 12yrs
    £15 BOOK
  • 10 km - UKA Affiliated Min age 16yrs
    £18 BOOK
  • 10 km - Unaffiliated Min age 16yrs
    £20 BOOK
  • Half Marathon - UKA Affiliated 'City Ticket' - Min age 17yrs
    £29 BOOK
  • Half Marathon - Unaffiliated 'City Ticket' - Min age 17yrs
    £31 BOOK
  • Bath Marathon - UKA Affiliated Min age 18yrs
    £40 BOOK
  • Bath Marathon - Unaffiliated Min age 18yrs
    £42 BOOK

Brickfields Park, 47 King George's Rd, Bath BA2 1LX

The Two Tunnels events are being staged at Brickfields Open Space (BA2 1LX) in the city of Bath.

If you live in Bath please consider walking or cycling to the site in the spirit of our event partner Sustrans. We will provide bike racking for cyclists.

If you are driving to Bath please park at Odd Down Park & Ride (BA2 8PA) and catch the Two Tunnels bus to the race site (£3 return for adults, £9 for a group of 5 adults and free for U16s). From here it is a 500m walk to the race site which will be signed with pink or orange signs.

Oldfield Park train station is approximately 800m from Brickfields.

All our runners receive a top of the range custom medal, as well as a buffet of fresh fruit and other tasty treats.

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Bag Drop

A number of prizes are awarded, determined by the total number of finishers (male and female combined) in a given race distance.

A green park complete with children's playground and table tennis table, a great spot to sit and enjoy a picnic after the race.

The 1 lap looped Two Tunnels Half Marathon course takes in the the best of the countryside views along the Limpley Stoke Valley as well as beautiful city centre running through the heart of Bath along the footpaths and riverside trails.

There are two distances to chose from; 2km and 500m, each with multiple colour stations along the route! All runners will be given a white t-shirt to wear (small, medium or large) and we strongly recommend that you bring goggles or sun glasses to keep the colourburst out of your eyes. We also encourage mums and dads to consider a change of clothes and shoes for the car ride home :-)

These events are open for runners of all ages, particularly runners who would be too young to do our 5km race (min age 12). There is no minimum age for these colourburst runs and they are not timed events! Registration is £10 (2km), £8 for 500metres and includes a white t-shirt, custom medal and a selection of refreshments. Please note it's £2 extra to register on the day

The colourburst is infact 100% food grade corn starch with coloured dye, it is 100% safe, edible but not at all tasty so eating it is not encouraged, and 100% biodegradable.

5 km

This route is an officially measured accurate route. The whole route is on a fast tarmaced surface with gentle gradients of no more than 2% in only a few places on the route. This makes this a great fast course, certainly the fastest Relish Running course out there and there is a great chance of recording a PB on this route! The official course measurement reference number is 236/2201.

10 km

The whole route is on a fast tarmaced surface with gentle gradients of no more than 2% in only a few places on the route. This makes this a great fast course, certainly the fastest Relish Running course out there and there is a great chance of recording a PB on this route! The official course measurement reference number is 236/2201a

The UK's longest underground race set in and around the World Heritage City of Bath, England - join us for a race like no other!

The Bath Marathon is a beautiful marathon making the very most of gorgeous Bath city centre and surrounding historic countryside by following off road trails in and around the city.

To enter please visit the event page here.

This event will be held over 50km (31.125 miles), on an accurately measured course. The event will be held on loops of the 10km course and there will be two feed stations per lap, each with a selection fresh fruit, cakes, cookies, jelly beans, water and other refreshments. The event will be electronically timed at the 10km turn around point at each lap.

The races will start at 8:30am. There is a cut off of 8.5hrs for the 50km but please note that walkers are not eligible for this event.

There are 3 formats depending on if you are covering the 50km solo, as a pair, or as a 5 person relay.

Solo: 50km Solo runners complete the whole 50km as an individual and will certainly get a strong feeling of tunnel vision as 20km of their race will be underground! Solo runners will each take home FOUR medals.

Pair: 2 runners will alternate 10km legs to cover the 50km distance. 10km legs can be run in any combination but all change overs must take place in the Start/Finish area after a multiple of 10km has been covered eg 10km, 20km. For example 50km as Runner 1, Runner 2, Runner 2, Runner 1, Runner 2. Only one runner can be actively running at once (both runners can not run 10km together and have it count as 20km). Each member of the relay pair will take home FOUR medals.

Relay: 5 runners team up to run the 50km in a relay, covering 10km each. Change overs must take place at the Start/Finish area after 10km has been covered. Each person cover 1 x 10km leg. Each runner takes home one 10km medal.

These events are set off in waves of approximately 100 runners set off every 10mins. This is because of the relatively narrow nature of the route. Each distance (5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon) will have multiple waves to choose from when you register.

The waves are organised by predicted finish time, with one wave open to runners of all predicted finish times to make it easier for people who wish to travel together. Please confer with friends and family before you register to ensure you select the same wave if you wish to start together. The different start times are fully accounted for in the results so you pick any wave and get an accurate finish time.

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Absolutely unique

One tunnel is 1KM ,
Other is 1 mile.
you go through them and back, twice.
So you spend the majority of this run underground and out of the heat and sun.

Absolutely unique run and I really enjoyed it, very flat

Eddie Milner / Jul 17, 2019

An extravagant route!

One of the best extravagant routes for a PB on a half marathon!
Fantastic tunnels to cool off in whilst undergoing the route and an overall flat course; to enable a PB!

Hannah Goodwin / May 14, 2019

So much fun!

Angus James / May 13, 2019

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