Jakob Herrmann

Jakob grew up in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland literally next to the Swiss Alps 100 course. He moved to the US in 1998. He always missed the alps and because of that organized the Swiss Alps 100 to allow runners from all over the world to experience the Swiss Alps paradise. He gained a lot of experiences directing an ultra marathon by being a co-RD for the famous 5th oldest 100 miler in the USA the Angeles Crest 100.

He is an avid runner who started running in 2005. Since then he completed over 188 races including 66 marathons, 41 50Ks, 13 50 miler, 3 100K, 23 100 miler, and one 144 miler (twice around Lake Tahoe in California). In Switzerland he so far has ran the Aletsch half-marathon, the Zürcher marathon, the Swiss City Lurzerner marathon, the Zermatter marathon, and the Zermatter ultramarathon.

His other passion is coding websites. He is the webmaster of SA100, SD100, AC100, PCT50, Oriflamme 50K, Julian Full Moon, SoCal Ultra Series and others. Lastly he is also the founder and webmaster of penpalworld.com, which has over 2 million members, and ultraFanatics.com, an ultra runner's hangout.

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