Sam Jones

Jigsaw Trust

Jigsaw Trust is a charity based in Dunsfold, Surrey supporting children and adults with autism, operating a school and adult learning centre.

Autism is a spectrum disorder – this means it affects people in different ways and to varying degrees. Some of the ways that autism can affect a person include:

• Difficulty with social relationships
• Difficulty with verbal communication
• Difficulty with non-verbal communication
• Difficulty with play and imagination
• Resistance to change in routine

The aims of Jigsaw Trust are to improve the lives of those affected by an autism spectrum disorder and to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of autism.
Founded on the principle of excellence through continual learning, the Trust aspires to provide the highest quality of education and lifelong learning possible.

Set up in 1999 by a group of local parents of children with autism, Jigsaw CABAS School provides one-to-one and small group teaching to children aged 4-19 years. A separate Life Skills Centre has been established in Guildford which provides a home environment for students to increase their levels of independence by learning and practicing essential life skills.

The JigsawPlus Centre for Lifelong Learning provides support for adults with autism aged 18+, developing their independence and essential life skills. Additionally, the Trust has been operating a number of Social Enterprises; including, GARDENworks, ARTWorks and Cafe on the Park. Cafe on the Park provides a unique environment in which Jigsaw Plus adult learners can undertake a wide variety of work experience tasks within a safe and supportive environment.

Jigsaw relies on the fundraising efforts and support of the local community to ensure that we can provide the best resources and learning opportunities for our pupils and adult learners.