Mieszko Rajkiewicz

Runmageddon Global

RUNMAGEDDON is a based in Poland sport events company, primarily operating in OCR domain. As a host of events associating 70 thousands of people in 2018 in Poland Runmageddon ranks as the biggest sport events company in the country as well as one of the biggest in whole Europe.

RUNMAGEDDON GLOBAL is a branch of the company which has been launched in 2018. GLOBAL events are designed for both - OCR and classic, non- obstacle runners.

Races are organized in the most challenging areas around the World and they are usually last more than one day. Basic formulas include 100/120 and 50 kilometers routes – the Participants cover these distances within 4 days of the event. There are formulas with obstacles and without them. Participants are challenged to their limits through harsh terrain and weather.

RUNMAGEDDON GLOBAL offers premium level running events, thus the package includes flights, accommodation (well-equipped adventure camp sites), food, transport and medical assistance.

GLOBAL adventures are further accelerated through attractive touristic packages, including one running-free day dedicated to local sightseeing. Organizers pay a lot of attention to good atmosphere and spirit of friendship during events. Social Media platforms are used to maintain friendly contacts with RUNMAGEDDON GLOBAL Veterans.

Join our Global Family – face the challenge on the most demanding running trials around the world…