Matteo Testa

Swim Sardinia

After the creation, and the development with heart and passion of the SWIMTHEISLAND event, an icon now in the panorama of swimming in open water, the BEWATER Team has turned its attention and energy towards the birth of an event that can offer, to enthusiasts and specialists, a unique OPEN WATER SWIMMING experience, in an incomparable context and location.
This is why the famous Emerald Coast in Sardinia was chosen, with its pure and crystalline waters.
SWIM SARDINIA, is therefore born as an international swimming competition in the sea in stages, but is also aimed at creating an unforgettable experience, to share with friends, family members and professional athletes and amateurs who share the same passion.
The challenge includes three routes of 6, 8 and 5 km respectively, for a total of 19 km.
The purpose of each one, during this competition, is not so much given by the ranking and by the search for exasperated and competitive performance, but rather by the achievement of each one of the personal objective, completing all three tests.
What are you waiting to register for this edition?
Prepare a simple suitcase and do not forget the goggles!