Anna Woloszyn

TRYUMF sp. z o.o.

Life is a journey towards victories. We fight for them every day - at school, at university, at work, in sport, developing their hobbies, as well as in private life - overcoming their own weaknesses or learning to celebrate every moment before escaping. Sometimes we fight for them alone - at other times motivating others to fight. The road to victory usually starts with dreams and courage to reach for it. Then there is hard work and overcoming your own limitations. And when we stand on the podium - the real one or only the one in the imagination, we look at the road behind us, the experience gained and the people with whom I have traveled and feel what is the best reward for the TRYUMF effort.
At Tryumf, we've been rewarding you for over 25 years, providing trophies for winners in various areas. We know how important the moment of victory is, and that is why every year, with great passion, we prepare a new offer of trophies for all those who want to fight and win. We make sure that they are diverse and unusual and available in a wide range, right away, through hundreds of partner stores in Poland. We are a Polish family company in which the passion of creation is combined with the ethos of consistent work. We believe in dreams and are not afraid to fight for them - and if so, we know the taste of defeats and victories well.
We invite you to the world of trophies - choose the ones that will make the word TRYUMF take on a new, even better meaning.