** Prerace Clinic** Cal Tri Ventura - 5.7.23

Ventura, California

Ventura, California

Sat 6th May 2023

1 race

Organiser's Description

2023 IN PERSON SWIM & TRANSITION CLINIC - 90 MINUTES. Get race ready with pre race swim and transition clinics. Athletes should bring a swimsuit, goggles and wetsuit (if necessary). Below is a typical morning schedule. Often a special coach, professional athlete or Olympian is in attendance to lead the training. Limited to race participants. RSVP required.
60 minutes - Swim Clinic

Seeded rolling swim start

Water entry and exit

Proper body position

Hip driven stroke



30 minutes - Transition Clinic

Cycling rules

Ride on the right side

Pass on the left side

No blocking or drafting

Never cross the road median (instant DQ)

Racking the bike

Laying out gear

Mount & dismount line

The Cal Tri Events FAQ is a good place to start for most race questions.


  • Clinic

    Sat 6th May 2023


  • Clinic

    Sat 6th May 2023


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Ventura, California

** Prerace Clinic** Cal Tri Ventura - 5.7.23

May 6, 2023