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Super Sprint Triathlons 2023 - 2024

Super Sprint Triathlons: Distances Swim - 400m Bike - 10km Run - 2.5km Super Sprint Triathlons are one of the recognised standard distances of triathlon races, and are sometimes referred to as Mini Triathlons. The comparatively short Super Sprint Triathlon distances make it one of the most popular types of triathlon, and they are normally the entry point for beginner triathletes and kids wanting to try a mini triathlon. These events consist of a 400m swim, a 10km bike and a 2.5km run. Because of the comparatively short distances involved (compared to other classic triathlon distances) some of these events have stages that can take place indoors, for example a swim in an indoor pool, or the bike leg on an exercise bike. Often it is just the swim leg that takes place indoors, which means the event isn't dependent on the temperature of open water reaching the minimum for safe or comfortable swimming. There are a lot of Super Sprint Triathlon training plans available online to help the newcomer plan their training. Super Sprint Triathlon events are good for beginners trying a triathlon for the first time. They are also useful for the more experienced triathlete looking to sharpen their racing at the beginning of the season, or to keep in shape in winter when an indoor swim is preferable. Whether you’re a newbie looking for your first Super Sprint Triathlon or an experienced racer looking for an early season warm-up event, the findarace comprehensive 2023 - 2024 US Super Sprint Triathlon calendar is where you’ll find the perfect event. And when you've recovered why not check out our Sprint and Olympic Triathlon race calendars.

Super Sprint Triathlons 2023 - 2024

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