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5k Runs 2023 - 2024

The findarace.com calendar lists hundreds of 5k races across the US every year - there's almost one for every day of the year. 5 km is one of the most popular race distances, and with a bit of training it's relatively achievable for most ages, shapes, and sizes - as a result, they make perfect family fun runs that multiple generations can take part in and enjoy.

A 5k race is also a perfect goal for a beginner or new runner who hasn't taken part in an organized race before - it's a great, fun introduction to the race day experience that’s a little easier than a 10k race. 5k races are also popular with more seasoned runners looking to keep their running short, sharp, and fast - we list the fastest and flattest 5km races across America (as well as the craziest and hardest).

5K Runs Near Me 2022

Looking for 5k Runs near you? Use the location buttons and filters to narrow down your search and find 5k runs near you - we list races all over the US, including Texas, California, New York, Michigan, and Ohio.

Looking for 5k races tomorrow or this weekend? Sort the event list below by "Date" to see the races coming up soon, but please note many races don't accept on-the-day entries, and Organizers often stop taking bookings several days (and up to a week) before a race so they have time to organize race packs, courses, medals, water, etc.

So whether you want to pinpoint your first running goal, or you’re an experienced runner looking for a fast route to beat your 5k Personal Best (PB) check out our comprehensive 2023 - 2024 5k US race calendar below!

Looking to get started with running but want to know a little more? Check out our top running tips for beginners or find out the benefits of running for 30 minutes.

5k Runs 2023 - 2024

Superhero 5K Run/Walk

Palatine, Illinois
13 Jul 22 - 30 Jun 23

Queen City Half Marathon BREAKWATER/5K Run/Walk

Marquette, Michigan
12 Dec 22 - 29 Jul 23

Run Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain, Michigan
15 Dec 22 - 23 Sep 23

Freihofer's Run for Women - Sat. June 3, at 9am

Albany, New York
20 Mar 23 - 04 Jun 23

Bucks 5K Series

Doylestown, Pennsylvania
25 Mar 23 - 18 Jun 23

San Antonio Sports Corporate Cup presented by ORTHONOW Injury Clinic by TSAOG

San Antonio, Texas
06 May 23 - 03 Jun 23

ARR Summer Series

Phoenix, Arizona
14 May 23 - 06 Aug 23


Waldo, Florida
20 May 23 - 05 Nov 23

Edragon SA 5K Summer Series

San Antonio, Texas
21 May 23 - 23 Jul 23

Springfest 5K

Sheridan, Michigan
29 May 23

The Fast & The Furriest®

Rochester, New York
29 May 23 - 04 Jun 23


Cadillac, Michigan
29 May 23

Memorial Day 5K, 10K & Kids 1 Mile Run/Walk

Hemet, California
29 May 23

Jason Michaels Memorial 5K

Mercer, Pennsylvania
29 May 23


Dansville, Michigan
29 May 23

35th Annual Memorial Day Classic United States of America

WESTON, Florida
29 May 23

32nd Annual Run for the Pineapple 5K

Stuart, Florida
29 May 23

RH Kicking Hunger 5K Run / Walk (In Person or Virtual)

Henrietta, New York
02 Jun 23 - 04 Jun 23

One in Five Team Marathon and 5K

Walker, Michigan
02 Jun 23 - 04 Jun 23

Race Against Poverty

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
02 Jun 23
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How many miles is a 5k?

A 5k race is roughly 3.1miles.

What's the average time to run 5k?

The average finish time for a 5k run in the US is between 26 and 36 minutes.

How long should it take to run 5k?

A 30-minute target is a popular goal for beginner 5k runners, with intermediate runners often looking for a 24-26 minute finish time and experienced or "Club" runners often gunning for a sub 20 minute 5k.

What's a good time to run 5k?

Ultimately a good time for a 5k run is a personal thing - run it as fast as you can without injuring yourself!

What is the fastest ever 5K?

The fastest 5k ever is currently Joshua Cheptegei’s 2020 breathtaking time of 12:51 at the Monaco 5K 2020.

How many calories does a 5k run burn?

If you’re thinking of picking your first run challenge or just getting started, check out our article on all of the benefits of running for just 30 minutes.

There are lots of factors that impact this - especially weight and pace - but as a rough rule of thumb, a 5k will burn 300-400 calories (approximately 100 calories per mile).