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US Marathons 2024 - 2025

Marathons are a bucket list goal for most runners across America. The 26.2 miles (42km) is a huge achievement, but short enough to be possible by most people - after a lot of hard training - but definitely long enough and tough enough to make running marathons one of life's most memorable experiences.

From small, locally organized marathons, to the biggest races in the USA, attracting tens of thousands of runners, the findarace event calendar is the most comprehensive and is the easiest way to find your next great challenge.

Marathons Near Me 2024 - 2025

So whether you’re looking for your nearest trail marathon in Arizona or Texas or the buzz of a big-city road-race in New York, Ohio or Massachusetts check out our comprehensive 2024 - 2025 marathons list below: and hit the “Refine” button above to tailor your search by location or terrain.

If 26.2 miles doesn't feel tough enough, think about trying a challenging Ultra Marathon. And if you're not quite ready for a Full Marathon yet? See our Half Marathon Calendar.

US Marathons 2024 - 2025

Fort Smith Marathon/Half/Relays

Fort Smith, Arkansas
16 Mar 24 - 30 Mar 25

The Paavo Nurmi Marathon | Half

Hurley, Wisconsin
11 May 24 - 10 Aug 24

Running with the Devil 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, and 50K

Las Vegas, Nevada
29 Jun 24

Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Kids Marathon

Missoula, Montana
29 Jun 24 - 30 Jun 24

Hotter Than Hell Marathon for RaceMD

Metairie, Louisiana
30 Jun 24 - 07 Jul 24

Oceans 26.2 Relay Race

Palm Coast, Florida
07 Jul 24

Carolina Reaper Challenge

Anderson, South Carolina
13 Jul 24

MISH Waterfront Marathon | Half Marathon | 10K

Gladstone, Michigan
13 Jul 24

San Lorenzo River Trail Run

Santa Cruz, California
13 Jul 24

Aspen Valley Marathon

Aspen, Colorado
13 Jul 24

Adrenaline Races

West Bend, Wisconsin
13 Jul 24

Survive the Night Relays

Lexington, Kentucky
19 Jul 24 - 20 Jul 24

Ruidoso Marathon, Half Marathon/ Schlotzsky's Deli Bun Run 5K and Kids 1K Mini Bun Run / State-Forty Seven Road 47K/50K

Ruidoso, New Mexico
19 Jul 24 - 20 Jul 24

Texas Endurance Runs 24/48

Fort Worth, Texas
19 Jul 24 - 04 Aug 24

Trail Camp for Big Kids

Burnsville, North Carolina
26 Jul 24 - 29 Jul 24

Conquer the Canyon Marathon Race Festival: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
27 Jul 24

Stan's Donut Race

Chicago, Illinois
27 Jul 24

Run the Pier Running Festival

Manistee, Michigan
27 Jul 24


Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
27 Jul 24

Burning River

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
27 Jul 24 - 28 Jul 24
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How long does it take to run a marathon?

For the average runner, achieving a marathon completion time of under 4 hours is a big achievement. Some marathons, like the Phoenix marathon, are renowned for a fast course and attract elite runners looking to achieve their very best times.

Why run a marathon?

Running a marathon is a real feat of endurance and takes a serious amount of commitment and preparation. There are lots of reasons thousands of Americans run marathons each year, from personal goals to weight loss and raising money for charity. Running a marathon is a real journey that involves committing plenty of time to train, but the reward of the life-affirming achievement is definitely worth it!

What are the biggest marathons in the US?

There are a huge number of marathons across America every year, but there are a handful of globally known prestigious events on everyone’s bucket list. The iconic Boston Marathon is a true American classic, whilst the annual Chicago marathon is an event with fiercely sought-after entrances. New York is one if the biggest cities in the world, and its marathon is the biggest in the U with 47,839 finishers in 2022.

What is the average marathon finishing time?

The average global marathon time is 4 hours, 29 minutes, and 53 seconds. If we look at the times by gender, men typically finish a marathon in about 4 hours, 21 minutes, and 3 seconds, while women usually take around 4 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds.

How long should a beginner train for a marathon?

Marathon training programs usually last between 12 and 20 weeks. New marathon runners should work towards increasing their weekly running distance to 50 miles during the four months before the marathon. It's enough to run three to five times a week. Most of these runs should be at an easy pace.

How to choose the right Marathon race?

Two key factors to consider are weather and course conditions. Depending on what time of year and which state you’re running in, you’ll come up against a wide variety of different weather conditions and that could make completing the race more difficult. You should also consider how tough the course is and how many steep hills are included in the route. Keeping these factors in mind will help you to choose a race with the right level of challenge.