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10k Runs 2024 - 2025

10k runs are perhaps the most popular running events in the US. A 10k race (about 6.2 miles) is an achievable but challenging distance for a beginner looking to move up from 5k races and fun runs. However, a 10k is also an excellent distance for more experienced runners and is often used to increase endurance for longer distances.

Because 10k races are so popular, there are lots of them - and at findarace, you’ll find the most comprehensive list of 10k races from all across America. Choose from regular races to enter from the East Coast in California, to Florida and New York on the West Coast as well as plenty of runs in Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and more.

So whether you're a regular 3-mile runner looking to step up to your first 10k or an experienced racer looking for a 10K PB, check out our comprehensive 2024 - 2025 10K US race calendar below. Filter by date, location, or race type, and you’ll find the perfect race for you.

What about a bigger challenge? The next step up is the Half Marathon, or why not set yourself a huge goal to smash by signing up for your first marathon?

10k Runs 2024 - 2025

The Endgame Run

Idaho Falls, Idaho
01 Jan 24 - 03 Aug 24

Heartland Galloway Training Program

Lawrence, Kansas
06 Jan 24 - 31 Dec 24

BTC Race Series

Birmingham, Alabama
27 Jan 24 - 02 Nov 24

Fort Smith Marathon/Half/Relays

Fort Smith, Arkansas
16 Mar 24 - 30 Mar 25

The 2024 Runfield Texas Race Series

Buda, Texas
30 Mar 24 - 07 Dec 24

The Paavo Nurmi Marathon | Half

Hurley, Wisconsin
11 May 24 - 10 Aug 24

Vermont Sun Triathlon and Run Series

Salisbury, Vermont
12 May 24 - 18 Aug 24

8th Annual Road Home

Wichita, Kansas
18 May 24 - 21 Sep 24

Park City Trail Series

Park City, Utah
01 Jun 24 - 03 Aug 24

Cobra Den Trail Series

Memphis, Tennessee
15 Jun 24 - 03 Aug 24

7th Annual Beard Vs Beans Longest Day 5K/10K/0.5K Beer Run

San Antonio, Texas
24 Jun 24


Columbia, Missouri
28 Jun 24 - 29 Jun 24

Snails Keep MOVING Run NYC

New York City, New York
29 Jun 24

Sunset Marathon PHILADELPHIA

Chester, Pennsylvania
29 Jun 24

Squirrel 5K, 10K, & Half Marathon at City Island, Harrisburg, PA (6-29-2024) RD1

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
29 Jun 24


Chester, Pennsylvania
29 Jun 24

Lake City Rotary Circle of Life Run

Lake City, Minnesota
29 Jun 24

Sunset Marathon SAN ANTONIO

San Antonio, Texas
29 Jun 24

Independence Day Run

Waukesha, Wisconsin
29 Jun 24

Made in the USA 5K/10K/15K/Half

Sugar Hill, Georgia
29 Jun 24
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Why run 10k?

10k is a great distance to run. Long enough to be a real challenge but short enough to be achievable by anyone with some training. A 10k is perfect for beginners looking to move on from a 5k race or for more experienced runners looking for a PB.

What is the average 10k run time?

The average finish time for a 10km run in the US is 55 minutes for Men and 1 hour and 3 minutes for Women.

How many calories are burned running a 10K?

On average 600-800 calories are burned running 10k. Calories burned differ a lot depending on factors such as fitness, weight, height, age, and pace.

Can beginners run a 10k?

10k is a great distance for beginners looking to step up from 5K or perhaps take on their first race. Challenging enough to give you that brilliant feeling of accomplishment yet achievable by everyone with a few weeks of committed training.

How to train for a 10k race?

Someone new to the distance should be able to train for a 10k race in 8-12 weeks. Most training plans recommend running 3-4 times per week with a mix of easy runs, faster sessions (normally with some intervals), and a longer run.

What should I eat before a 10k race?

On race day you should have your last meal 2-3 hours before the race. Recommended options to eat before a 10k race include porridge with honey, a bagel with peanut butter, or cereals like muesli. The important thing is to eat food that you like and not try anything new that might unsettle you before the race day.