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Running Races in California 2023 - 2024

Discover your next challenge to take on at findarace, where you’ll find comprehensive listings of the best running races and events in California 2023 - 2024.

As you would expect from the most populous state in the US, California has a thriving running scene. Choose from bustling city courses or get lost on the trails of one of California's world famous forests. Whether you’re at the start of your running journey, or you’re a seasoned racer looking to shave seconds off your personal best, you’ll find the right challenge here. Choose from major events in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco or use the below filters to narrow down by location, date and distance.

The golden state has a huge range of events to choose from. 5km is one of the most popular distances to race. It’s achievable for the whole family and, with a huge range of themed races, fun runs and community events, is a great day out. This shorter distance is also great for seasoned athletes to looking hone their race times.

A 10k race is a tough but doable distance for beginners looking to move up from 5k races and test themselves with a longer run.

Looking for a tougher challenge? Take on one of California's many half marathons giving you the chance to experience everything from rugged cliffs and sequoias on the pacific coast to the steep hills of San Francisco.

For the ultimate challenge, check out listings of Ultra Running events in California with plenty of tough 50 and 100 mile races available.

And it doesn’t have to be all about running for training - why not take part in fundraising to put dollars behind your miles and raise money for charity?

Running Races California 2023 - 2024


Modesto, California
04 Mar 23 - 18 Nov 23

Lost Coast Trail

Whitethorn, California
27 May 23 - 03 Jun 23

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego

San Diego, CA
03 Jun 23

The Loco Go Big or Go Home Challenge

Butte Meadows, California
03 Jun 23

Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon

San Diego, California
03 Jun 23 - 04 Jun 23

Fontana Days Run

Fontana, California
03 Jun 23

Wrigley River Run

South Wrigley, California
03 Jun 23

Redding Health Expo Run/Walk

Redding, California
03 Jun 23

Miles for Mayo 5K

Brentwood, California
03 Jun 23

Grasshopper Peak Redwoods Run Weott

Weott, California
03 Jun 23

102nd Statuto Race

San Francisco, California
04 Jun 23

Bakersfield Hot Fudge Sundae Run

Bakersfield, California
04 Jun 23

Santa Monica Mountains 100

Malibu, California
09 Jun 23

Mt Umunhum Ultras

San Jose, California
10 Jun 23

Shadow of the Giants

Fish Camp, California
10 Jun 23 - 11 Jun 23

City Impact’s Beachfront 1/2 Marathon

Ventura, California
10 Jun 23

Cool Moon 100M/50M/25M/14M

Cool, California
10 Jun 23 - 11 Jun 23

Long Beach Classic Half and 5K

Long Beach, California
11 Jun 23

NBVC Dolphin Dash 5K

Point Mugu Nawc, California
15 Jun 23

Broken Arrow Skyrace

Olympic Valley, California
16 Jun 23 - 18 Jun 23
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