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Around the World 1 Mile Challenge

Virtual Event

Sat 5th August 2023 - Wed 31st January 2024

1 race

Organiser's Description

*NOTE: The next shipment of challenge medals will ship out early-August 2023.  These medals will definitely be ready for Wine and Dine Weekend.  Please register accordingly.
Welcome Runners!  
Hey all you Goofy, Dopey, Fairy Tale, and Two Course Challenge runners!  If you're like us, then we know you really love earning your challenge medals!  How about earning one more unique bling?  This challenge is a local park favorite, which now has an official-unofficial challenge medal!  
Get ready for the Around the World 1 Mile Challenge! Traditionally this unique challenge is done at Epcot but since this is virtual, all runners and walkers at home can also participate.  Epcot is home to the World Showcase, which consists of 11 pavilions representing countries from around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.  At each pavilion, you can find attractions and dining, drinking relating to that particular country.  This is along the same lines as the “Drinking around the World” and the “Eating around the World” challenge.  Here’s how you earn your medal: At Epcot 1)    Register for the Around the World 1 Mile Challenge2)    Bring your medal to Epcot3)    Place all your magnet flags upside down so that the blank side faces out4)    Start at either Mexico or Canada and you’re off!5)    As you drink or eat at each country, flip the corresponding flag right side up! The distance from one country and all the way around to the last country is approximately one mile.  Once you eat or drink at the last country, you have completed this epic challenge! At Home 1)    Choose a distance of .09 miles (480 ft).  This can be a loop around your block.2)    Set up your International food/drink station.  Be creative with the treats that represent each country.3)    Start your mile!  With each loop, stop at your International station and knock out each country with a corresponding food or drink.4)    Add each flag to your medal and you experience each country.5)    “Travel” to all 11 countries to complete your challenge!
This Challenge medal is a must have if you plan on visiting the parks on runDisney race weekends, or any other weekend!  Perfect for Annual Pass Holders, Disney Lovers, a foodies, or someone who appreciates drinks from around the world.  This is a challenge medal for everyone, and even more fun with friends!
Scroll up and click the "Sign Up" button and register today! 
**Here are some ideas for drinks or food at each country:
Drink:  Labatt Blue, Moosehead, La Fin Du Monde, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, Apricot Wheat.
Eat:  Croissant doughnut.
United Kingdom
Drink:  Welsh Dragon, Black-and-Tan, Bass ale, Innis & Gunn, Newcastle.
Eat:  Fish and chips. 
Drink:  Ice cream Martini, Kronenbourg 1664, Grand Marnier and Grey Goose orange slush, Grey Goose citron lemonade slush.
Eat:  Dinde B.L.T., crispy calamari.
Drink:  Casa, Efes and Mythos, Moroccarita
Eat:  Mediterranean chicken, falafel, lamb wrap.
Drink:  Ginga Kogen Beer, Hana Awaka sparkling sake, Yuzu Umeshu Kishu plum wine, Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo
Eat:  Sushi, udon and teriyaki.
The American Adventure (United States)
Drink: Key West southernmost wheat, Bell’s Oberon ale.
Eat:  Jalapeno-and-cheese-stuffed pretzel, turkey leg, funnel cake. 
Drink:  Italian Sangria.
Eat:  Gelato Sandwich, Cannoli.
Drink:  Warsteiner Dunkel, Schöfferhofer pink grapefruit hefeweizen.
Eat:  Bratwurst, hand-twisted pretzel. 
Drink: Canto Loopy, Tsing Tao.
Eat: Chicken potstickers, shrimp fried rice, orange chicken. 
Drink:  Einstök Icelandic white ale, Carlsberg, shot of Linie Aquavit.
Eat:  School Bread.
Drink:  Patron lime margarita, Milagro pomegranate margarita, frozen margaritas with lime, strawberry and mango flavors. Dos Equis lager, Modelo, shot of tequila. 
Eat:  tacos, nachos, empanadas, churros.
Scroll up and click the "Sign Up" button and register today! 


  • Around the World 1 Mile Challenge



  • Around the World 1 Mile Challenge



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