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Triathlons 2023 - 2024

Triathlons combine swimming, cycling, and running into one of the most popular all-round physical challenges. There are a huge variety of types of triathlons to choose from in terms of distances, cycle and run terrain options, and whether the swim is in a pool, in open water (eg lake), or even the sea.

What Triathlons Distances Are There?

Super Sprint Triathlons: 400m swim; 10km bike; 2.5km run.

Sprint Triathlons: 750m swim; 20km bike; 5km run.

Olympic Triathlons (aka Standard Triathlons): 1500m swim; 40km bike; 10km run.

Half Ironman Triathlons: 1.9km swim; 90km bike; 21.1km run. (This distance is also known as a “70.3” which refers to the total race distance in miles.)

Ironman™ Triathlons: 3.86km (2.4 miles) swim; 180.25km (112 miles) bike; 42.2km (26.2 miles) run. As Ironman™ is a trademark, these are also known as ‘Iron distance events.

Triathlons Near Me

If you’re looking for a true multisport challenge, you’ll discover it with our US triathlon calendar. Whether you’re new to the sport and looking for your first Super Sprint triathlon or a hardened triathlete looking for a Double Ironman distance event, check out our comprehensive full 2023 - 2024 triathlon list below, or if you know which distance you want to search for simply use the links above. Filter by location to find your nearest Triathlons or take a look at the biggest and best events in California, Texas, Phoenix, Florida, and Ohio.

Triathlons 2023 - 2024