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02 October 2022

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Richmond Park September 5k,10k and Half Marathon Richmond Park September 5k,10k and Half Marathon Richmond Park September 5k,10k and Half Marathon Richmond Park September 5k,10k and Half Marathon Richmond Park September 5k,10k and Half Marathon

Richmond Park September 5k,10k and Half Marathon


Richmond Park, London, SW14 8, United Kingdom

Sun 18th September 2022

Starting at 09:00

3 races

£19.80 - £22.00


We are proud to deliver Covid safe events with our focus on providing the best in safety, fun and high quality organised events.

The Fix Events UK has provided covid-19 safety information for this event.

Organiser's Description

Take on our superb Richmond Park September 5k, 10k and half marathon around this gorgeous venue.

A chance to lace up those shoes, get motivated, focus on training and run this event with us. There will be loads of great entry benefits including a super cool medal, sweets, drinks and a load of fun.

Places are limited so just say yes, get excited and be part of this fully race chip timed event!


  • 5k


  • 10k


  • Half Marathon




  • 5k


  • 10k


  • Half Marathon



What's Included

Race Chip Timing
Stunning medal
Instant race results

  • Full race chip timing
  • Stunning medals
  • Trophies
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Instant race results
  • Partner discounts and spot prizes

How to Get There

By Car

The closest park gate to the event is East Sheen Gate, off Sheen Lane. The postcode is SW14 8BJ. View Streetmap

Please note parking is limited and please do your best to park before coming in via East Sheen Gate. This really helps to provide space for park users as well.

By Train

Trains either come in to Richmond and from there it's a 20-30 minute walk otherwise Mortlake is the closest station and about a 10 minute walk from Sheen.

By Bus

There are plenty of regular buses stopping near Sheen Lane. Check the TFL website here for more information

Event Hub Location

Our event hub is located on the grass area to the left of East Sheen Gate carpark. You will see our orange gazebos here and come to our registration tents to collect your race pack.


Please note parking is limited and please do your best to park before coming in via East Sheen Gate. This really helps to provide space for park users as well.

Sheen Gate carpark closed for repairs in March: We apologise about this and any inconvenience caused. Please note there is plenty of parking on the roads just outside of East Sheen Gate entrance and most of these roads are free to park on but please do check on arrival and give yourself either extra time on the morning or where possible leave the car at home or travel with friends.


Richmond Park
East Sheen Carpark, Sheen Gate, London, SW148BJ

Course Details

Please note the course is a mix of trail and paths and we recommend trail shoes for this event - The course has also a gradual incline for the first 2km's - 5k is one lap and the 10k is two laps (please note the half marathon is 4 laps) - off road buggies are ok - wheelchair friendly however some sections are on grass/trail - note the course may be altered at any point up to event day if necessary

There will be marshals around the course to support and encourage you.

Water is available at the start/finish and at the 5km point. If you require additional fluid between these points please bring your own.

Please take care when running around the course as this is public land and local residents will be on the Park. Please always stay on the left unless otherwise guided. Be aware that there are deer in the Park and they occasionally cross the walking paths and roads.

Please note that the start of the run will be staggered to abide by Richmond Park Policy. However this will not affect your time as our Results Base timing system will record your time from when you cross the starting mat.


  • Can I cancel/transfer/get a refund if I can't take part?

    The Fix Events cancellation/refund policy is: Up to 14 days before the event you can cancel and receive a 60% refund on your entry fees. After this point we can not offer any refunds. Up to 7 days before the event you can (i) transfer to another event or (ii) receive the equivalent amount of voucher points onto your profile for use against a future Fix event. Up to event day you can (i) transfer your place to someone else you may know who wishes to take part or (ii) do the event virtually at any time and receive your medal in the post. To do so you must email [email protected] ahead of event day. Unfortunately we cannot give refunds within 14 days of the event or transfer your entry to another event within 7 days of the event as costs have been incurred for your registration and your entry fee goes towards covering these fees.

  • Do you have any age restrictions / can children take part?

    Absolutely! We typically allow children of all ages to take part in all our events (unless specific information is given for a set event). Please note that children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardian throughout our events. If the parent/guardian is satisfied the child/children can confidently run 5k or 10k unaccompanied they may do so, with a parent/guardian remaining onsite at all times.

  • Can I run with a buggy?

    Yes this is typically ok for most locations however please check the run route course as some locations can be a mix of path, trail, grass so not always suitable for running with a buggy. Also please try and stay to the left as much as possible to give room for other runners. (this is allowed at running events but not triathlon, please see last faq for more info)

  • Can I walk / do you have a cut off time to complete the event in?

    We typically have a cut off time of 1.5 hours to complete the 5k/10k races from when the event starts. 3 hours for half marathons. Walking part of a 5k event is typically fine but the 10k races are mostly for running (with a bit of walking/jogging if necessary!). If doing a virtual run you have the luxury of completing your event anytime, anywhere and for however long throughout the given event period!

  • Can I run with my dog/are you canicross friendly

    Yes, we love too see dogs running with their owners! Please ensure your dog is on a short lead/harness and that you are careful on the course and respect other runners and park users.

  • Can I wear headphones?

    Yes we do allow this but please note it is your responsibility to make sure you can hear what's going on around you when running, including marshals and general public. Please keep the volume at a level whereby you can hear any important announcements that may be made. (this is allowed at running events but not triathlon, please see last faq for more info)

Arrival & Registration

Our 5k and 10k Richmond Park Run will start at 10am. The Richmond Park Half Marathon will start at 9am.

Registration will be open from 8am.

Parking is available onsite but please note the carpark does get full quickly so plan your journey to arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Bag storage is available but please note space is limited so travel as lightly as possible.

Please note you will collect your race pack at registration on the day of the event.

Race information will be sent by email pre-event and this will tell you what your race number is so you know where to queue on the day of the event. You will be able to view all your race details and race number by logging in to your Fix Events profile.

You will be using our Chip on Bib race numbers and it is important these are displayed on your outer garment to ensure 1) We can see your race number when running 2) To help with the timing system to read your time and 3) To help our photographers identify you!


  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
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6 reviews


·2 months ago

Well supported event, plenty of water stations on course. Enthusiastic Marshall’s on course. Flexibility with start times was welcomed due to heat. Ample parking all free. Lovely little pub near the finish for a post race tipple 👍🏼

·2 months ago

It was my first half marathon so I don't have a huge amount to compare woth but the staff & organisers were great. It was really tough conditions given the heat and all of the staff gave us loads of encouragement to keep going. I'd definitely recommend it and will be signing up to next year's

·5 months ago

I found the day to be absolutely fine. The course is undulating with the first half lap being up hill, the second half mostly down hill, with a little kicker before you reach the lap completion. The staff were extremely friendly. Like others have said, 4 laps for a half marathon isn't ideal given the size of the park available, however, there are roads in use in the park and cyclists, cars, crossings that would be impossible to control for a running race. I would have liked a medal specific to my race (the half marathon) rather than a generic medal given to competitors of the 5k, 10k, and half-marathon. I think there should have been a member of staff at all key turning points, however, there were too few along the course in my opinion. Better recovery foods could have been provided at the end of the race. However, the day was a success and I would do the event again in future, knowing what it entails now.

·5 months ago

The race was organised well at the start, and i had an amazing time, my issue was at the finish line you had no marshalls people were not guided to the finish line and ran past it which contributed to extra time on their timings. I did highlight this to the people recording the times and they had to find someone to guide people towards the line/tent. I ran the 10K and when I finished there was no sweets or drinks left, so all i could get was water, after running 10k i felt like there was nothing left for us, I could see other runners had sweet drinks and chocolates.

·6 months ago

Good turnout and great fun on a tricky and undulating course. I thought it was well organised, but signalisation could have been more clear with bigger signposting over the latter stages of the race. Richmond Park is a great place to run. Will definitely come back.

·7 months ago

The race organization felt lazy overall. For a half marathon it's a 4x 5km lap (and it's not like Richmond wouldn't fit a single lap as most other parks in London), the only food they offered at the end of the race were candy and lollipops (great for recovery -.-), not music or anything (not that I'd care much but hey at least they'd be trying), no bathrooms apart from the public ones which were unusable, and signalization was poor (for the half marathon it just assumed every lap was 5k and therefore there was a 0.3k margin of error by the start of lap 2, 0.6k by lap 3, etc. etc. Given it was just a 5k lap you could expect they would close the area but not the case, so apart from the 21k/10k/5k runners you would frequently encounter dogs, cyclists, running groups, etc. If you're really fond of medals, then sure why not, but if you just like running, I'd just go on any day and run by yourself. The only pros: staff & volunteers were very friendly, and Richmond is a nice park for running. A couple hilly kms with a mix of trail and road.
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