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More than just a listing site, is a marketplace for mass-participation sports events. An Airbnb for races.

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The right audience

Make sure your event is seen by millions of people interested in taking part in mass participation events

at the right time

Users of are actively looking for their next challenge

with zero

Add your event without sign-up charges. A fee is only charged on successful bookings.

New Partnership

Official partners of Runner's World

We’re very proud to say is now the exclusive marketplace partner to Runner’s World, the bible of UK running.

Now, your event lisings on findarace will be seen by Runner's World's millions of runners as well.

Make sure your events are on to get them in front of this new audience.

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How it Works

Be where your audience already is (it's cheaper)

Option 1 Spend lots of time and money creating Facebook ads and PPC campaigns. Spend even more time trying to find the right audience to make it cost effective.

Option 2 Add your event to where your audience is already looking for events like yours and the return on investment is guaranteed.

If you like the sound of Option 2...

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Simple transparent pricing

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15% commission charged on new bookings.

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No bookings, no costs.

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How it works

A brand new audience

Promote your event to our audience who haven't yet decided which event to enter.

Those additional entries then become your customers to market to directly.'s services pays for itself, with the commission coming entirely from the revenue it has generated.


Google it

Central to providing Race Organisers with a cost-effective marketing channel is our ability to connect you with new runners. Our research shows 92% of participants we take bookings from have not done the event before.

And that’s why we never bid on a race, or ‘brand’, term. That way, if someone’s looking for your event, they’ll go straight to your website, not

Now we can get on with making the events happen

Before we started working with findarace we had some real concerns about getting people to our events this year. It’s fair to say they totally exceeded our expectations. Now we have this support in marketing for the events, we can have the confidence on numbers attending, so we can get on with the groundwork of making the events happen.

Peter Mason, VOTWO events.


Some common questions about working with

Where does your traffic come from?

Everyone on has either come straight to the site or through a search on google. We rank at the top for thousands of search terms such as half marathon or 10k near me.

As we don't do PPC (unlike some others.....) we don't compete with you or get in the way if someone is looking for your specific race.

We've got a brilliant reputation with the UK racing audience and are used by millions as the place to go to find their next challenge.

I already have a registration platform. Why do I need to use is primarily a marketing platform. We work alongside your registration platform rather than looking to replace it. The best comparison for findarace is anywhere else you spend your marketing money. Facebook, Google, radio, magazines, etc. We are cheaper and simpler to use with none of the risk of having to pay up front.

Does it create extra work for me?

Over the last few years we've worked to remove as much of the extra work as possible. We have integrations with many registration platforms (and are working on more) that pass your bookings straight to your reg platform when they are booked.

If we don't currently have an integration with your reg platform our team can add events for you. We have made exporting your entries and integrating them with your other registrations as simple as possible. This differs by reg platform so speak to us about the best way to set this up for you.

How do I know people wouldn't have booked my race anyway?

Our research shows that 92% of people who book a race on are new to the race. This is down to where our users come from. The vast majority do not know what event they want to do. They search online for something like '10k near me' and they get to us. We help them find one by showing them races like yours.

What happens after the booking, who talks to the entrant?

We pass all of the entrant information over to you so it is just as if they had booked on your site. You can contact them just like a standard entrant and get them booking more of your races in the future.

How do I keep track of my bookings?

You have full access to an Organiser Dashboard where you can add, edit and manage your events and entries. We will also send you a notification when someone books a spot at your race.

What insights do I get in my Organiser Dashboard?

You have full access to an Organiser Dashboard where you can add, edit and manage your events. You'll also be able to monitor how much traffic your events are getting and benchmark against events of the same type.


150+ Race Organisers

Event Organisers, of every size, use to grow their participants.'s effectiveness is the best we've seen’s cost-effectiveness is the best we’ve seen across the different acquisition channels we use

Adidas City Runs.

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