Want more entries?

With more than 3 million users a year, findarace.com is the UK’s largest audience of runners, cyclists and triathletes.

We help event organisers turn this audience into entries.


Over 3 million users a year looking for races to book


In the top 3 on Google for 3,000+ relevant keywords


Generating £millions in bookings for race organisers

Whilst traditional methods of digital marketing have become saturated findarace.com opened up new and targeted audiences
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We work with events to get more bookings. This is done in one of two ways. You can take bookings on findarace.com, or on your own site. Or both.

We work as a marketing channel, alongside your existing booking platform, to generate incremental bookings (typically ~10% of overall bookings). These can be taken on findarace.com or through your own entry platform. We help you find the best option for your event.

With either option, there is no set-up cost, no financial risk or commitment - you only pay commission when you get confirmed bookings and revenue.


A 12.5% commission is charged for every booking taken on findarace.com


15% is charged for bookings driven from findarace and taken on your own site

findarace.com's effectiveness is the best we've seen across the different third-party platforms we use
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why it works

Audience 4


Our traffic comes from people doing generic keyword searches on Google. Searches like "10k near me" or "Half marathons Yorkshire". We rank in the Top 3 on Google for more than 3,000 relevant keyword searches.

Fresh Eyes

A new audience

Visitors to findarace.com aren’t looking for a specific event. They don’t yet know what event they’re going to enter, making it the perfect audience to get in front of. Over 90% of people we send to a race organiser have never interacted with them before.

Mktg Bkgs

Not (just) a booking platform

Unlike the traditional booking platforms, we are primarily a marketing platform. We have 400,000 people in the UK using the site every month to find and book events.


findarace v facebook

With traditional platforms you spend a lot of time (and money) trying to find the right people and convince them to do a race. With findarace.com the people are already there looking to sign up to a race, you just need to be there too to make sure that they choose yours.



You only pay when you get a sign up (so no wasted spend) and no time needed to manage and optimise campaigns. We only take a slice after we've grown the pie.

So it's easy to see why more and more race organisers are teaming up with us.

Who it works for

the process


Create a Race Organisers account in a couple of minutes.


Upload your event information using a simple form.


Choose how you'd like bookings handled it's go live time.



There is no up-front fee. We take a % commission on the entries we have generated for you. Payments are made via Stripe and go directly to you. We can also integrate with your existing booking platform.

What if I don’t have a Stripe account?

Stripe is used to handle online payments for some of the biggest names in ecommerce, including Amazon, John Lewis and Kickstarter. If you don’t already have a Stripe account, it’s quick and easy to set one up.

How does the Stripe payment processing work?

Bookings made on findarace.com are paid using Stripe payment processing. Stripe’s Connect service allows payments to go directly from the entrant to your stripe account, less our commission.


You have full access to an Organiser Dashboard where you can add, edit and manage your events. If you have lots of events, or don’t have the time, we can help do this work for you.

What insights do I get in my Organiser Dashboard?

You have full access to an Organiser Dashboard where you can add, edit and manage your events. You’ll also be able to monitor how much traffic your events are getting and benchmark against events of the same type.

What’s a Boost?

Boosts are our onsite promotional tool. A Boosted event sits at the top of the search results. These events typically get 3 to 4 times as much traffic as a standard listing.


Through an embedded widget, events on findarace.com are shared across our network of third party sites, including nhs.org, outdoorswimingsociety.com and trailrunning.com. Meaning events on findarace will reach a further 500,000 people a month.

Still have questions?

If you need any support at any time (well almost any time) you can reach us via phone, email or chat. All details are on the Support page.

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