Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oxford United Football Club, Grenoble Road, Littlemore, Oxford, UK

Sun 13th October 2024

2 charity places

£10.00 - £30.00

Organiser's Description

A fantastic half marathon through the City of Oxford and surrounding countryside on a traffic-free course.

A superb route taking in the iconic Oxfordshire scenery, the wonderful landmarks and the 'dreaming spires' of this beautiful City, against the the spectacular backdrop of the River Thames with live entertainment at every mile.

Charity places

Alzheimer's Society

Join Team Alzheimer's Society

Oxford Half Marathon

Entry £10.00

Fundraise £250.00


Alzheimer's Society

Join Team Alzheimer's Society

By 2025, there will be 1 million people in the UK living with dementia.

At Alzheimer’s Society we’re working towards a world where dementia no longer devastates lives. We do this by giving help to those living with dementia today, and providing hope for the future by campaigning to make dementia the priority it should be and funding ground-breaking research.

So there’s never been a better reason to pull on your trainers, and feel the exhilaration and adrenaline of a challenging run. And as you cross the finish line, you’ll feel sublime, knowing you’re helping everyone living with dementia.

Join team Alzheimer’s Society today. We’ll be there to support you through every step of your journey.

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Missing People

Join #TeamMissingPeople

Oxford Half Marathon

Entry £30.00

Fundraise £300.00


Missing People

Join #TeamMissingPeople

Missing People is a national charity that exists to ease the heartache experienced by those missing someone, and to help people who are away from home, find their way back to safety.

We provide free, confidential support, help and advice by phone, email, text and live chat. We also coordinate a UK wide network of people, businesses and media to join the search for the estimated 170,000 people who go missing each year.

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3 reviews


·a year ago

Fantastic event and very well organised. Big shoutout to Find a Race. Couldn’t recommend them more for anyone looking to get booked on to their first half marathon.

·4 years ago

Reliably good, scenic and fast Half. The weather this time was something completely special and unique, so let's take it away from the equation. Generally, I’m happy how the race was organised. With about 7000 participants running, Virgin Sports did a good job keeping the race safe and providing water & electrolytes on the course. The course was quite flat, maybe a bit too much packed into the same streets, with dual-way running. I think my only concern is, since the race village was in the park and it was raining cats & dogs, the entire territory around tents was wet and muddy. Even with gravel covered pathways, it was barely possible to get in or out without collecting the mud on your feet. Thinking out loud, some recycled plastic/rubber mats could to the job, if properly placed on the pathways… But I get it, maybe it was hard to predict & plan such things in advance. Same as with the transportation: when you put thousands of people into a small historical city, you'd obviously expect some heavy traffic & delays.

·4 years ago

Great run, course could be better?. First off, the weather REALLY affected the run this year. It was terribly wet, and had been wet for a while before the run, so at some points water lay ankle-deep across the road. I would have liked to have seen the grass protected at University Parks, with those underfoot grids you see used. There was a wait at the start if you were right at the back, but with 12k runners, that’s acceptable. The first few miles wind around the town but then you have the first of two out-and-back drags, up to Summertown and back. Then there’s another long drag out to the village of Marston, which made for quite boring running. Luckily, after about mile 9/10 you head back into town to finish up. The t shirt and medal were great, decent goody bag too, and despite the awful wet, people were so upbeat, both runners and supporters. This race would score five stars if only the course was better! Those out and back drags are there to make up distance and they’re not fun to run. I know councils really affect road closures and in oxford of course you have colleges too but PLEASE, could this race change to have a more imaginative and central route? Even just knocking out the Marston drag would be great.

Who's In

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bill egginton




Ayesha Ahmed

Marina Politis

Richard Higenbottam


Oxford, Oxfordshire

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