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Audax UK Events 2024 - 2025

An Audax is a long-distance cycling event that uses a system of timed checkpoints to validate and record the rides. Audax races are organised by clubs and individuals, under the supervision of Audax UK, the internationally recognised long-distance cycling association in the UK.

There's something for everybody and events start from 50km (about 32 miles) and go all the way up to 1400km (about 875 miles), and even this is not the limit because there are set routes, known as 'Permanents', which span the length and breadth of the country and go up to 3200km.

So whether you’re a newbie looking for your first Audax or an experienced rider looking for an early season race check out our comprehensive 2024 - 2025 Audax UK race list below: you’ll find a find a race that’s perfect for you.

You can also check out a list of international cycling trips and breaks here.

What’s the difference between BR and BP events?

BR (Brevets de Randonneurs) is the standard ride. These are usually of a distance of 200km or over and are set a maximum time allowed by the organisers.

BP (Brevets Populaires) are shorter distance races and make for a good starting point for riders new to Audax.

Do I need a particular type of bike to take part?

There are no specific regulations on what type of bike is permitted for use, however, it is important that your chosen bicycle is well maintained and comfortable for the length of the ride.

What are Audax events like?

Unlike many longer distance cycling events, Audax events are not considered races. Riders of all abilities and experience levels are welcome with courses offering a range of terrains from challenging hill climbs to scenic flatter routes. Audax events truly are for the love of cycling!

Popular & Featured

Audax Events

The UKCE Wiltshire Classic

Salisbury, Wiltshire
16 Mar 24
Free - £46.53

Questars Summer Adventure Race Series - Race 1

23 Mar 24
£35.00 - £280.00

Oulton Park Spring Duathlon FT British Standard distance Championship 2024

Tarporley, Cheshire West and Chester
24 Mar 24
£45.00 - £65.00

The UKCE New Forest Classic - Saturday

Southampton, Hampshire
13 Apr 24
Free - £46.53

Tour of the Worthys

Winchester, Hampshire
14 Apr 24
£22.00 - £28.00

The UKCE New Forest Classic - Sunday

14 Apr 24
Free - £46.53

Wilmslow Spring Triathlon 2024

Wilmslow, Cheshire East
21 Apr 24
£36.00 - £71.00

The UKCE Suffolk Spring Classic

Newmarket, Suffolk
21 Apr 24
Free - £46.53

Pearson Steeplechase

Box Hill, Surrey
27 Apr 24

Questars Summer Adventure Race Series - Race 2

27 Apr 24
£30.00 - £240.00

Muck n' Mac Fest

03 May 24 - 05 May 24
£50.00 - £120.00

The UKCE Surrey Hills Classic

Cranleigh, Surrey
11 May 24
Free - £46.53

Beast to the East Sportive

Southampton, Hampshire
12 May 24
£24.00 - £39.00

Towcester Mill Brewery Sportive

Towcester, Northamptonshire
18 May 24
£27.50 - £37.50

Struggle Dales

Harrogate, North Yorkshire
19 May 24

The UKCE Jurassic Classic

Wareham, Dorset
19 May 24
Free - £46.53

Hook Norton Brewery Sportive

Banbury, Oxfordshire
02 Jun 24
£28.51 - £38.78

Questars Summer Adventure Race Series - Race 3 (one-day)

08 Jun 24
£30.00 - £240.00

The Pack and Wolf Cub Challenges

16 Jun 24
£35.00 - £50.00

Goddards Brewery Sportive

16 Jun 24
£30.00 - £37.50
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