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Cyclocross & MTB Events & Races 2024

Cyclocross & Mountain Bike (MTB) Events are popular across the UK. Use our 2024 - 2025 calendar below to find CX and MTB Races near you! Although Mountain Bike Events are fairly self-explanatory, Cyclocross isn't as well known - but its popularity is growing fast. It's an off-road cycling discipline that's suitable for kids and adults. It's easy for beginners to get in to - you just need to be able to ride a bike and get your hands on a suitable set of wheels for race day. Cyclo-cross - or CX to aficionados - tends to have courses of about 1 mile, and there are often sections where you have to dismount and carry your bike over an obstacle or difficult terrain. Although they do run all year Cyclocross Races come in to their own in autumn and winter - this is not a fairweather sport - think of it as a Tough Mudder on Wheels, and don't forget to pack the Muc Off...

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Cyclocross & MTB Events & Races 2024

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