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UK Swimruns 2024 - 2025

What started out as a drunken bet between two friends in Sweden, swimrun events are fast becoming one of the more popular alternatives to multisport racing.

What defines swimruns is that the event is carried out outdoors and in open water where your goal is to go from a starting point to a finish point through a course with several checkpoints. It has several stages, which means you have to change discipline between running and swimming several times.

The original ÖTILLÖ is regarded as one of the toughest adventure races around, but as the sport grows there are events suitable for newbies as well as hardened endurance athletes. Why not search our database of uk swimruns for 2024 or 2025?

UK Swimruns 2024 - 2025

UK Swimrun FAQs

What are swimruns and how do they work?

Swimruns are a unique endurance sport that combines open water swimming and trail running. Teams of two navigate through a challenging course, alternating between these two disciplines without changing gear. The race often takes place in natural environments like lakes and forests, creating a thrilling and scenic experience.

How long are swimruns?

Swimruns vary in length, ranging from short sprints to ultra-distance races. Distances can range from a few kilometers to over 75 kilometers, depending on the event. Participants should choose a race that matches their fitness level and goals.

What equipment is essential for a swimrun events?

Essential equipment for swimruns include wetsuits, trail running shoes, swim caps, and goggles. Teams usually use a tether to stay connected during swims. Some events also require participants to carry safety gear, hydration systems, and nutrition to stay prepared throughout the race.

How can beginners prepare for their first swimrun event?

Beginners can prepare for swimruns by gradually building their swimming and running endurance. Incorporate specific swimrun training sessions into your routine, focusing on transitions between swimming and running. Practice in similar terrain and conditions to the event, and make sure to train with your partner to improve teamwork.

Are swimruns suitable for all fitness levels?

Swimruns are designed to be inclusive and accommodate various fitness levels. Many races offer different distance options, allowing participants to choose a challenge that aligns with their abilities. It's important to assess your fitness level, consult a medical professional if needed, and select an event that suits your experience and training level.