Super Sixes

There are thousands of events in our listings, and we hear about new ones every week. In our Super Sixes, we narrow them down to six of the best events of their type.

6 of the best...?

Six events that we liked so much we want to do them again and again. Take a look and see if you agree.

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Speedy half marathons in 2018

Half marathon races come in all shapes and sizes, but here we’ve swung the spotlight on the fast ones. These pan flat courses will have you smashing your goals in 2018.

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Get out and stay out

Beware - doing a Mountain Marathon will change you. In a good way. If you haven't done one before, what are you waiting for?

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Holiday fun

For when you've had enough of Eat, Drink, Unwrap, Repeat.

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Fast & Flat 10ks

We've covered fast marathons, and half marathons, but everyone wants a good 10k time in the bag. Here is our list of potential PB breakers.

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Obstacle Races

Obstacles of every size shape and description. Whatever your challenge, there's one for you.

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