6 great
things about
the new site

There's lots to love about the new findarace. Here's a pick of some of our favourites.

1. Multiple race booking

Planning your season? You can now sign up for all of your races, across different event organisers, in one go.

2. Speedy checkout

Save time entering races by securely saving personal and emergency contact info to your account.

3. Group sign-ups

Racing is better with friends. Enter events for your friends and family all at the same time.

4. Improved search

We've revamped our site search so you can find the races you want even quicker.

5. Virtual races?

Some love them, some don't. The new VR filter means you can decide whether to see virtual events in search results.

6. Smart filters

New smart filtering makes it easier to narrow down to races that fit your exact requirements.

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