C-19 Plans

We're a long way off where we would be in normal circumstances, but more people are now browsing and booking events on findarace.com than at any point since lockdown began.

Last month we worked with MultiSport Research to understand Participants' main concerns, hopes and expectations in these unprecedented times. The research showed that:

  • If a race has to be postponed or cancelled, 78% of participants would be happy with a free transfer to next year's event. By contrast only 23% of participants would expect a full refund.*
  • 40% of people expect to race again in September/October this year.*
  • 19% want to race as soon as restrictions are lifted.*
  • You are using findarace.com to help identify races that are likely to go ahead this summer and autumn. We don't know what the restrictions will be, but we do know that you are doing your research now, shortlisting events that you would like to take part in if it's possible to do so.

Over the next few weeks we'll be adding tags to events so you can easily find those events that are planning to take place, those that offer free race transfers, and those that have additional safety measures in place. All of those factors reassure people and encourage bookings.

Best wishes,

David and the findarace.com team


* Participant Survey by MultiSport Research, May 2020

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