Races pose close-to-zero risk of transmission

As the country continues to open up it's natural to wonder, is this safe? The good news for us lovers of moving around outside is that the answer appears to be yes, and it's getting safer every day.

New research commissioned by parkrun in April 2021 is great news for those considering getting back to the start line. The analysis found that the risk of infection at organised outdoor events is minimal. This includes larger events up to a few thousand participants.

The reports author, Professor Clive Biggs stated 'it would seem to me that running events are probably already safe in the UK, and getting safer every day as prevalence falls and the vaccine rollout continues.’

The analysis was based on COVID-19 prevalence levels for March 2021.

He continues 'This finding appears to be supported by the evidence from the various road races that have been held around the world during the pandemic, which have been characterised by a noticeable lack of infectious outbreaks.

More than 7 million people took up running during 2020. With the racing sector still feeling the effects of the pandemic now's the perfect time to get a goal booked in and experience that race day buzz. It's even better to know you can feel safe doing it.


In addition to this positive news Event Organisers are working hard to follow regulations whilst maintaining the race day atmosphere. Remember to check the Covid information on event pages to see the specific measures steps being taken at the race.

Read the original report form parkrun here

Read the study in full here.

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