Introducing: Body Glide

Thousands of people begin or return to running in the new year. Minds full of beautiful scenery, smiling runners at the finish line and a fitter healthier you.

What you’re probably not picturing is the stinging pain after a particularly chafe-filled run. As with many things in life, running can bring so much joy but with the potential too for so much pain.

Blisters on the feet, chafing everywhere you’ve thought of, and some places you’ve probably not are, unfortunately, an occupational hazard. And believe us, you’ll only let it happen once.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back... and front, and shoulders and feet. Developed in California in the 90's, Body Glide has become the go-to for runners of all levels. Their easy-to-use balm isn’t oily or sticky, is completely invisible and fully sweat-resistant to keep you going as the miles add up.

Anti-chafe balm might not be the most exciting item on the shopping list, but it might just be the most essential.

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