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We Can't Run Away From This

Ultrarunner Damian Hall's new book examines the impact of running on our climate and ecological emergency. With a Foreword by Kilian Jornet and packed with insights from experts, it is an enlightening read which sheds light on the surprising impact the sport we love has on the environment and prompts us to really think about our kit, food and travel.

We dropped Damian 3 quick questions to give us a taste for what his new book has to offer.

What made you write the book?
Partly Vertebrate Publishing's brilliant commissioning editor Kirsty Reade encouraged me to. And partly my desperation at the urgency of the global situation and at the very least wanting my children to see that some of us did try. This isn't something we can sort out in a few years' time. It needs dramatic systemic changes now. And they're not happening fast enough.

What can event organisers and runners do to reduce their impact?
For runners it's three things: your travel, your kit and your fuelling. Any progress is good (we're not after perfection), but more than that it's about speaking up, nudging the system for change, which in running will mostly be sportswear brands and events. For many events over 90% of CO2 will be from participant travel, especially if flights are involved. It starts with education, but low-carbon travel options need to be incentivised too.

What are your running goals for the rest of the year?
Really excited to return to Tor Des Geants in September!


Thanks to Damian for taking the time to speak to 'We Can't Run Away From This' is published by Vertebrate Publishing (ยฃ14.95)

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