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Colour Runs started life in the USA (where they are known as Color Runs, obvs) and have become increasingly popular in the UK over the last few years. Races of varying distances are held with the emphasis on fun, with a big dash of colourful powder and paint. In 2024 - 2025 there are colour run events in London and cities all over the UK including Manchester and Birmingham. Colour runs are also often family friendly events where kids can get involved in the fun too, and you can do good by completing a colour run for charity. Check out our full calendar of 2024 - 2025 Colour Runs below.

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Colour Runs

How should I prepare for a Colour Run?

Colour runs are plenty of fun and add a new dimension to shorter races like 5Ks, but a little preparation can ensure your race day goes off without a hitch. Keep valuable items like your phone in a small waterproof bag, and make sure you bring a bandanna or sunglasses to keep the colour powder away from your eyes and mouth. Most importantly take a before and after photo!

Will a colour run stain my clothes?

The powder used for colour runs is designed to wash out. As with any clothing with a mark on it, you’re better off washing it as soon as possible. If you’re a regular runner taking part for fun, consider using a different set of running shoes or gear to your usual race day attire just in case.

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