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255 Triathlon

255 Triathlon

Chichester, West Sussex

8 Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester PO18 0PH, UK

Sun 31st July 2022

Starting at 05:50

4 races

£378.00 - £419.00


TriBourne Multisport Events Ltd. has a proven track record of organising high-quality COVID-19 safe events winning the Triathlon England National Award for Commercial Event of the year in 2019 from over one thousand British Triathlon Federation (BTF) ‘Permitted’ Events. At the time of writing the necessary COVID -19 mitigation is unknown, however, as a minimum, there will be a designated COVID-19 Coordinators role; a COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been written and athletes will be communicated with regularly as government law, guidelines or governing body guideline change. See Working Safetly During COVID-19 - Events and Attractions

A variety of COVID-19 specific mitigation such as an individual start or athletes being able to retrieve nutrition themselves rather than being handed it, or wearing of PPE etc. will not be mandated, it will, however, be offered and athlete's personal choices will be supported and provided for.

Other measures that may be adopted as and when required could include:

Consult with your local authority as early as possible.

Engage with neighbouring businesses, transport operators and Local Transport Authorities to assess any risks to the local area of increased visitors from other locations and potentially apply additional mitigations.

Clean more often. Increase how often you clean surfaces, especially those that are being touched a lot.

Ask your customers to wear face coverings in any indoor space or where required to do so by law.

Make it easy for everyone to practice social distancing by putting up signs or introducing a one-way system that your customers can follow and considering whether extra marshals are required to enforce this.

Increase ventilation in enclosed structures such as marquees, for example by lifting or removing side walls or using fans to circulate fresh air.

Turn people with coronavirus symptoms away. If a staff member (or someone in their household) or a customer has a persistent cough, a high temperature or has lost their sense of taste or smell, they should be isolating.

Continue the use of prescribed arrival times e.g. staggered registration, transition check-in.

Minimise gatherings, particularly in confined areas e.g. bag drop areas, changing tents, aid stations, relay exchange zones. Continue to deliver pre-event online briefings to the event team and competitors to reduce crowding and streamline event day operations.

COVID-19 Coordinators Roles and Responsibilities

The Event COVID-19 Coordinator is responsible for all COVID-19 matters for the event and will be responsible for liaising with key stakeholders and other organisations in relation to the event’s response to COVID-19. They promote clear and effective communication channels across the event and ensure all delivery team personnel feel supported and have someone to go to should they have any questions or concerns. They ensure that all event delivery team members, event volunteers and third-party event contractors follow COVID-19 guidelines.

The position is held by the Director of Operations Dale Anderton, who is involved in all aspects of event planning and operations, attends event organisation meetings and will be present at the event to ensure compliance.

COVID-19 Coordinators Roles and Responsibilities:

Act as the main point of contact for all stakeholders with regards to COVID-19.

Take account of the Governments' general principles around mitigating risks and taking full responsibility for the safe delivery of a sporting event.

Operate strictly within government guidance and ensure event delivery plans are COVID secure.

Ensuring all necessary levels of risk mitigation are in place prior to competition.

To oversee the implementation of the relevant risk assessments.

Act as the link between the event and venue operators and ensure both are following current up to date guidelines.

Ensuring that the competition complies with the facility restrictions and guidance.

Communicate with the event management committee any COVID-19 protocol concerns raised by to the COVID-19 Officer concerning the event.

Regularly review the event risk assessments and safety documents and recommend changes when necessary.

Promote good practice to event stakeholders and remind them of protocols where necessary.

Ensure pre-event health questionnaires are completed and recorded for all participants attending the event in case of the need to share details with NHS Test and Trace.

To support the Race Director or any member of the event delivery team with any related

COVID-19 issues.

The COVID-19 coordinator is responsible for reviewing each area of the competition and asking pertinent questions to ensure that England Athletics, British Triathlon and Government guidance is adhered to throughout the competition.

Competition providers should ensure they are prepared and have planned for circumstances where injuries or other accidents occur, and they have mitigating procedures and plans in place to resolve the issue while maintaining all government guidance ensuring compliance with social distancing measures during training sessions.

Communicating clearly and consistently with all participants and support staff including volunteers.

Adapt to change, for example, if a local lockdown were to be necessary.

Adhere to the legal gathering limits for their area (including regularly checking for changes that may affect provision).

Ensuring physical and personal hygiene standards can be maintained.

Keeping participants, officials, volunteers, and staff safe (including any necessary personal protective equipment or face coverings).

Ensuring access to temporary or permanent toilets and changing facilities (particularly for those with special needs and disabilities).

Adhering to guidance on travelling to and from events.

Adhering to relevant guidance for the use of car parks, restaurants and clubhouses and other guidance on facilities.

Ensuring there is accessible provision within the site and the facility.

British Triathlon Federation Permitting

All TriBourne Events are run under a stringent BTF Permitting process and as such adheres to all of the requirements set out in the British Triathlon COVID-19 Guidance for Event Organisers.

In essence, standards are set by the BTF for many factors such as safety, Safeguarding, COVID-19 plans and Risk Assessments are reviewed and quality assured. Also, a BTF Technical Official (TO) is assigned to each event who attends in person on the day to ensure standards, including COVID-19 mitigation are maintained. TriBourne Multisport Events have put on a number of events since the COVID-19 pandemic including Eastbourne Triathlon 2021 and IronBourne 2021. A summary of the BTF COVID-19 related feedback can be found below.

Aquabourne COVID-19 related BTF feedback:

TO comments - This was a remarkably successful event considering the short time they had to prepare. Attention to COVID guidelines was outstanding. The Race Organisers should be very highly commended.

The overall safety of event - Score: Excellent - Comments: COVID specific safety was well planned and managed. Masks were mandatory for athletes (until they entered transition), marshals and TOs. Spectators were also encouraged to wear masks but there was variable compliance. Chips were removed by competitors and collected in a bucket in the finish area - competitors were encouraged to move away as quickly as possible. The safety of the event itself was excellent. Well placed marshals, more than enough Lifeguards and good Medical Event cover.

Competitor Info Score: Good - Comments: Only good rather than excellent because I believe it should have been available earlier. The content was however excellent and comprehensive, with clear photos and explanations of the systems in place for social distancing as well as comprehensive route information.

Registration Process Score: Good - Comments: Timed slots were allocated to each event wave and packs were pre-prepared to include everything needed including T-shirt and medal. A fantastic open-sided, conical event tent allowed for easy access with social distancing in mind as well as being a clear sign of the professional approach to the event. Competitors seemed happy with all arrangements and there were no queues to cause problems. Masks were available but a system needed to be put in place to ensure that all arriving at the registration desk were already masked – this was quickly and effectively adopted. A grid area had been marked out to give each competitor (and supporters) their own allocated waiting area, prior to being called to the transition zone. This worked well and was respected by competitors.

Response from competitors - Score: Excellent - Comments: Nothing but praise. Many were just pleased to return to multisport but very appreciative of what the Organisers had achieved both regarding the race and the COVID compliance.

Eastbourne Duathlon COVID-19 related BTF feedback:

TO comments - If Heineken did Multisport. .... A very well organised event that was a pleasure to officiate at. Support from the race team, competitors who had had everything explained to them in fine detail so no (or not many at least) silly questions. Plenty of good marshals who knew what was expected from them. a nice course and a lovely setting. They even organized a nice day for it. COVID-19 planning was exemplary with cleansing stations, masks being worn, segregation well marshalled and organised, information all available in abundance

Overall safety of event - Score: Good - Comments: With the current situation with COVID-19 this event could be held up as a prime example of how it can be run safely and within the guidelines without making everybody's day over complicated. Using lots of cones (I have never seen so many in one place at the same time) kept the athletes segregated, without the need for lots of marshals and shouting.

Competitor Info - Score: Excellent - Comments: A very full and informative on-line document covering all aspects of the race, registration, COVID controls etc. It was a large document but reading it thoroughly meant you could have no excuses for not knowing the answer to any pertinent questions

Registration Process - Score: Excellent - Comments: Well, segregated with the COVID situation in mind, A one-way system fed the competitors, properly distanced, into the registration area where the race packs were distributed, staff were masked, there was sanitizer and hand wash available at regular intervals and masks were worn by all. A separate area for numbering with areas marked off for individuals was also laid out. There were queues but nothing of any consequence.

Transition Area - Score: Excellent - Comments: Racks were numbered and well-spaced out with the three waves spread over the racks to reduce the personal contact potential. Boxes were provided for all race kit to be kept in alongside the bike. There was a separate numbered box available in what would have normally been the bag drop area for post-race items and clothing. The one-way system in and out, pre-race, kept the contact to a minimum. A separate area outside transition had been marked off to allow competitors to warm up all run in the same direction in a coned area and allow them access back to the baggage area to drop off kit when called to the start in their waves.

Response from competitors - Score: Excellent - Comments: Everyone was so glad to have the opportunity to race again that I am sure they would have been happy no matter what. They were treated to a well-run event on a decent morning for the weather on an interesting tough course. Everyone I spoke to afterwards was full of praise for the event, the marshals, the course and the organisation.

TriBourne Multisport Events has provided covid-19 safety information for this event.

Organiser's Description

The 2022 edition of the 255 Triathlon will take place on Sunday 31st July at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, West Sussex. Competitors will swim in the nearby Westhampnett Lake before making their way onto the historic motor racing circuit. After completing 52 traffic-free laps on the bike, athletes will head out onto the run for 13 laps of the circuit. Competitors tackling this ultra-endurance event will have up to 18 hours to complete the distance.


  • 255 Triathlon Solo


    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00

  • 255 Triathlon Relay


    (Teams of 2)

    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00

  • 255 Triathlon Relay


    (Teams of 3)

    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00

  • 255 Triathlon Relay


    (Teams of 4)

    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00



  • 255 Triathlon Solo


    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00

  • 255 Triathlon Relay


    (Teams of 2)

    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00

  • 255 Triathlon Relay


    (Teams of 3)

    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00

  • 255 Triathlon Relay


    (Teams of 4)

    British Triathlon (BTF) £6 save £6.00


What's Included

The 2022 edition of the 255 Triathlon will take place on Sunday 31st July at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit (less than 80 miles from London). The race offers a unique experience for both participants and spectators:

255km of traffic-free racing
An incredible atmosphere
Support throughout the day
An historic location for this historic event

A race experience like no other...
This traffic-free, multi-lap format offers a unique race experience for both participants and spectators. The pit lane provides the focal point of the event with spectators able to support athletes continuously throughout the day. Music, commentary, live lap timing and leaderboards.

The event not only pushes competitors to a new level of physical and mental endurance but also provides an unparalleled level of engagement for spectators throughout the whole event.

  • Relay Competitors will receive a T-shirt for competing in the event
  • Solo competitors will receive a special hoodie for competing in the event


On arrival, please enter through the main gate on Claypit Lane and turn right into the main car park.


The official postcode of the event is PO18 0PH.

Course Details

The Swim - 5km
The swim will take place at Chichester Watersports at Westhampnett Lake. The swim route will consist of 4 laps of 1,250m. After each lap, you will exit the water, providing a great spectator experience.

The Bike - 200km
The bike route consists of 52 traffic-free laps of the historic Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit. This multi-lap format will provide you with access to your "special needs" nutrition box at your own designated place in the pit lane. Once again a great experience for both spectators and competitors.

The Run - 50km
The run will be 13 laps of 3.85km around the perimiter of Goodwood Circuit. After each 5km lap, you will again have acccess to your pit lane box, with an additional aid station at the 2km point.

The Pit Lane
The pit lane will be the central focus of the event for both competitors and spectators. You will be able to access your own designated box in the pit lane providing access to "special needs" nutrition throughout both the bike and run.


  • What do we do with lost property?

    Please hand any items found to the help desk in the registration tent. We will hold onto any lost property for one month after the race. If you have lost an item of your property, please email us at [email protected]

  • Can I buy photographs?

    Finish line photographs will be available to purchase directly from our official photographers. A link will be emailed to all participants after the race.

  • Are there any age restrictions to the event?

    You must be 19 on or before 31st December 2022.

  • I have a disability; can I still participate?

    We are an inclusive event and do our utmost to accommodate participants with disabilities. Please contact us at [email protected] with a description of your disability. We will assess this and establish if it is possible to compete and what we require to make this feasible.

  • Can I transfer my place?

    Yes, but you must do this before midnight Monday 25 July. This can be done via our website.

  • I am unable to race; can I have a refund or transfer my place to next year?

    Unfortunately, due to the impact that deferrals would have on our financial position next year, we can’t offer a refund or deferral. As per our terms at you can transfer your entry to another person. Your best option is to see if you can find someone who wants to do the race and hasn’t yet entered, and then you can sell your entry to them.

  • Can I change my personal and race details?

    You can make any relevant changes to your personal details by logging into the race website. All changes must be made before midnight on Monday 25th July

  • How can I find out my finish time?

    Results will be posted on our website following the race at

  • Are there any toilets?

    Yes, there will be toilets at various points around the venue.

  • Are drinks provided?

    Aid stations will be available during the race.


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Chichester, West Sussex


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