Ladakh Marathon

Leh, Ladakh

NDS Memorial Stadium, Ladakh, Leh

Sun 12th September 2021

Organiser's Description

Running a marathon is itself a challenge, but running the Ladakh Marathon is even a greater challenge. A tough race at a high altitude, this marathon is not for those with no experience in running marathons, but for those who have had dedicated themselves to several months of training. If you are a serious long distance runner this will be one race that will be a “must do”, and one that you will always remember and be talking about for a long time to come.

Runners follow an out-and-back course, starting and finishing on Leh Manali Highway. The route is predominantly paved. It considered to be very challenging, with many hilly sections, including a significant uphill section at the end. Marathon, half marathon, 10.5 km and 5 km Run Ladakh for Fun.

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42.1 km 21 km 10.5 km 5 km

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Leh, Ladakh