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Ride Across Britain

Ride Across Britain event image Ride Across Britain event image Ride Across Britain event image Ride Across Britain event image

Ride Across Britain

Penzance, Cornwall

Land's End, United Kingdom

Sat 7th September 2024 - Sun 15th September 2024

Starting at 06:00

1 race


Organiser's Description

Looking for the challenge of a lifetime? This is it! The Ride Across Britain covers 980 miles of the most beautiful and scenic landscape accessible on two wheels.

This is a fully supported ride. All you need to do is arrive with your bike and kit, we’ve got everything else covered. This allows you to focus purely on the challenge ahead! Food, mechanical and medical support is available throughout the route. Then in the evening our Base Camp will keep you entertained, refreshed and recuperated so you’re ready for action the next day.

Starting at Land’s End, you will join hundreds of other cyclists as you all push yourselves to the limit to reach John O’Groats in nine days.


  • Ride Across Britain



  • Ride Across Britain


Course Details

This will be 980 miles you will never forget.

Ride highlights include:
St Michael’s Mount
Ride through Cheddar Gorge
Crossing The Severn Bridge
Chepstow castle
Climbing Shap Fell
Stunning Lake District views
The Grampian Mountains
Cairngorms National Park
Conquering Glenshee and the Lecht Ski Hill
John O’Groats and views of the Orkneys

What's Included

Bespoke training programme
Additional training advice and support from our expert Technical Route Director
Special offers on equipment, kit and bike maintenance
Maintenance and bike fitting guides to ensure you and your bike are in optimum shape

There will be two to three pit stops for you every day you are on the road to make sure you are fuelled and ready to tackle the ride ahead. With healthy snacks and sports nutrition as well as the much-needed cakes and pork pies, there really is something for everyone. If you have any problems along the way, our medics and mechanics are there to give you a helping hand to ensure you finish the days Ride ready to take on the rest of the challenge.

Here at Deloitte Ride Across Britain, we pride ourselves on ensuring our riders feel fully supported as they take on this impressive challenge, and a massive part of that is ensuring you know where you are going. With arrows laid out for you every day, all you have to worry about is following them!

Just on the off chance someone takes a wrong turn, we will also send out detailed route map PDF’s and profiles of each day so you have an idea of what lies in store for you along the way. We also supply up to date GPX files nearer the time if you desire.

Out on the road, everyone has a tough time now and again, which is where our amazing chaperones come in to play. Experienced cyclists whose prime responsibility is to ensure you make it to basecamp every night in high spirits, they are always there if you need a helping hand along the way. Whether it’s someone to chat to, a word of encouragement or a few tips on how to ride more efficiently, they can easily be spotted by their unique rider jerseys.

Whilst this is most definitely a marathon, not a sprint, we understand that some people like to keep track of how long it takes them to complete each days ride. From the moment you sign in at Land’s End, you will be given a chip embedded in your numbered sticker which you attach to the left side of your helmet. Every day, your timing data will automatically upload to a website www.resultsbase.net where you can check your registered time.

Let’s start this by saying we hope you never have to use this support bus! However, everyone has a tough day sometimes, so if you aren’t quite making the cut off times, we will pick you up to take you back to basecamp ready to start again tomorrow. Whilst most people make it back on the bike the next day, we do limit it to three trips to avoid it being used as a taxi service.

Ask anyone what they remember the most about Deloitte Ride Across Britain, and we can guarantee one of the first things they will say is our legendary basecamp! A real home away from home, the camaraderie is never stronger than when chatting to your fellow riders about the day’s Ride over a hot meal. With tranquil views, stretching areas and even an onsite bar, there is no better way to celebrate the end of each day with your fellow riders.

No one can take on a challenge such as this one without a few niggles here and there, so that’s why we bring along some helping hands! At every basecamp, you can find our team of fully qualified physiotherapists whose sole aim is to have you fighting fit for the next day’s ride. Beloved by our riders, they are the reason most of our participants are able to make it to John O’Groats.

At the end of every day, you will have your very own private two-man tent waiting for you. A little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of basecamp, after your first night settling in, we can promise you will sleep soundly for the rest of your journey up the country. In fact, many people write in saying they miss their tent and want to get back into the famed RAB ‘bubble’!

There is a reason why our riders are so excited to finish every single day, and it’s not just because there are more miles behind them! Breakfast, dinner and afternoon tea are all taken care of for you and you can expect everything from fresh salads, mouthwatering meat, fish and vegetarian dishes right the way through to puddings worthy of Nigella herself. Nine days of riding it may be, but plenty of people report gaining weight on the ride.

As we said, this isn’t like normal camping, and who would expect it to be?! With 9 days of intense cycling, you will need somewhere to relax and recuperate. From hot showers and hairdryers to charging points and stretching areas, we have everything you need to make this challenge as comfortable and achievable as possible.

Nine days of hard riding means a lot of dirty clothes. To avoid you having to bring your entire wardrobe along for the trip, we provide a pre-purchase laundry service through which you can get your kit professionally cleaned. This is available at the end of stages two, four, and seven of the Ride Across Britain (additional purchase)

To help you make your way to John O’Groats, we provide complimentary mechanical service and support along the Ride. With mobile vans to help with on the road breakdowns (such as chain and wheel issues) and mechanical support at every pit stop, we will do everything we can to keep your bike going all the way to the finish line.

At the base camp, you can also receive a full service and repairs every evening and morning if you require it. If after this, we determine that we will need to keep your bike for the day to make it road safe again, you can even borrow one of our bikes for 24 hours to make sure you don’t have to miss out on a day’s ride.

Basecamp - Waiting for you every day at the basecamp will be our team of medics, there to help you out with any niggles, twinges or more serious problems you may have. Dedicated to helping ensure each rider gets back on the bike the next day, your safety is their number one priority.
On the Road - Alongside this, we also have paramedics out in cars on the route ready to respond to any accident as soon as they possibly can. If anything happens out on the road, our team will be just a phone call away.

  • UK's most iconic cycling event
  • Bucket list challenge
  • Award-winning support
  • Incredible scenery

How to Get There

We encourage as many of you as possible to take shared or public transport to and from the event to minimise the environmental impact of the event.

We want to make sure you get to the start, and back from the finish, as easily as possible. We use a third party provider to organise shuttles to Land’s End from accessible locations such as Penzance, Exeter and Bristol, and from John o’ Groats to Wick and Inverness. We also use a bike transport company to collect and deliver bikes to regional hubs.

If you’d like to find out more about pre- and post-event transportation logistics, drop us an email and we’d be happy to chat.


Lands End to John O'Groats

registration packs

You will receive your Registration Pack in the post ahead of the event. In your pack you will get the following items with clear instructions on what to do. Everything else will be given to you upon arrival.

- Bike number (incl cable ties to attach it to your bike)
- Timing chip to stick to your helmet
- Luggage label
- Accreditation wristband (to be worn at all times during the event)

International participants, and those who register or change package, in the last month before the event, will need to collect their pack at the registration desk at the start of the event, as you will not receive them in the post.

Registration day & key timings

When do I need to arrive at the event?

Registration for Riders is 2pm the day BEFORE their first day of riding. There will be dinner and a briefing the evening before the first day of riding, and accommodation provided either camping or hotel depending on your package.


Full Course Classic / Plus: Friday 9th Sept
England: Friday 9th Sept
Scotland: Thursday 15th Sept
Below are the key timings for your respective registration day:

14:00: Basecamp open
14:00 - 19:30: Registration open
18:00 - 21:00: Dinner
20:00: Compulsory rider briefing

pre and post run accommodation

Is overnight stay included on the evening before riding and Sunday after the ride?

Yes, riders will be expected to arrive from 2 pm the day BEFORE their first day of riding to register and prepare for the next day. There will be dinner and a briefing the evening before the first day of riding, and accommodation provided either camping or hotel depending on your package.

On the final day of the ride, there is NO overnight accommodation provided. Once riders arrive at the England or John O'Groats finish line (depending on package), there will be hot soup and coffee’s available and riders will usually head off home.


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Penzance, Cornwall

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