16 Sheen Gate Gardens, 46 Richmond Park Road, London, SW14 8JU, United Kingdom

Sun 2nd June 2024

Starting at 09:30

2 races

£38.00 - £172.00

Organiser's Description


Join us at Richmond Park Half Marathon on Sunday 2nd June. It has been managed as a royal deer park since the seventeenth century, it’s likely you’ll spot some deer around the course!

Included in the price you get a unique themed medal, free official race photos, chip timed results and hopefully a great half marathon time!

We hope you join us for what will no doubt be a fantastic Sunday morning.

Start Time: 9:30am

The course will be a 4 lap loop with the runners registering chip times on each lap, lap times will be listed in the results so you can track how well you paced your run.
Entry includes:

Free official race photos

Chip timed results
Unique themed medal
Post-race snacks


  • Half Marathon


  • Group Booking (6 People)




  • Half Marathon


  • Group Booking (6 People)



Course Details

We will have a lead bike and plenty of marshals as well as mile signs and arrows all around the course .

The course is 4 laps.

Please familiarise yourself with the course map before you start, there is a mixture of trail paths, well trodden pathway, and grass.

Things to note!
Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. Consider protecting yourself by wearing repellent when at events in grassy or wooded areas. See for further details.
There WILL be pedestrians on the course, so please be aware of this. There will also be wild deer in the park! Please do your upmost to respect the park and it’s deer, don’t feed or pester them. If there are deer on the course you must give them lots of space. We recommend you do not use earphones as you need to pay close attention to everything around you.

What's Included

Entry includes:

Free official race photos
Chip timed results
Unique themed medal (previous design pictured)
Post-race snacks


Sheen Gate Richmond Park London SW14 8BJ


Toilets are available at Richmond Park at the Sheen Gate entrance. If you think you’re going to be using the loos then please give yourself plenty of time.

There will be water provided at 5k, 10k, 15k and at the finish.


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19 reviews


·3 months ago

Super well organised, great marshals, easy to follow route. All in all a fantastic run.

·3 months ago

Well organised, nice route and location in the park, good medal and relatively affordable. All in all a lovely race!

·5 months ago

Well organised, great first race to be involved in

·7 months ago

I really enjoyed this event. Easy registration and pens and safety pins were available. I was not sure about doing laps but it was good to break up the run and made it go quickly. Water was available at each lap. The signs were funny and encouraging. Lots of goodies at the end and I understand medals are now wooden for most events. Only improvement would be more toilets as there was still a huge queue for the loo when the event started.

·10 months ago

Great location with interesting undulations rather than hills. Well organised and marshalled all of whom were friendly and supportive. Suitable for a wide range of abilities and the winner was definitely fast.

·a year ago

The route itself was lovely, great open space and at points, a beautiful view of the London skyline. However, whilst we know the weather is out of control of the organisers, I do feel like more could have been done to support runners in the recent heatwave. Whether that's bringing the race time forward, or adding an extra water stop - there was just one on this course. I have been to 10K races with more water stops than this one and they were not during a heatwave. We all take personal responsibility for our water intake and how we pace but I do feel more could have been done by the organisers at this event.

·a year ago

Not a bad route, although I am never a big fan of laps. Lovely venue, easy to get to and park at as well. Of course this year's version was very hot, with rather a fleet of ambulances in attendance by the end, carting poor souls, who had succumbed to the heat, off to hospital. Naturally the organisers weren't to know about the weather when the run was arranged and we are all adults, so take responsibility for running. Having said that, the start time could have been brought forward an hour and an extra drinks station introduced - logistically, that would have been easy given the fact the course was 4 identical loops and just over half way round the loop was a perfect place, with good road access.

·a year ago

Great location and route, but the organisers needed to take more action to mitigate the excessive heat on the day either by postponing the race, or providing more than one water stop. I would do the route again at a different time of year, but the lack of mitigating actions for extreme heat, which even required an air ambulance to attend the scene, was very concerning.

·4 years ago

Awesome race, superbly organised. Such a well organised race! Had a great morning and it was all thanks to the lovely volunteers and marshals. Would highly recommend it! Thank you for an awesome morning!

·4 years ago

Well organised and friendly staff. This was my first run in Richmond park. It was beautiful scenery, great staff and the medal and shirt were great! I will definitely be doing this again !

·4 years ago

Very fun and well organised. Great event, beautiful park, small enough that there are no queues but still a great atmosphere with loads of participants

·4 years ago

Great race. The event was well organised, plenty of Marshall's and signage in the course. The course itself was scenic and a beautiful day for running. The medal t-shirt and snacks always help at the end as well.

·4 years ago

Simply Beautiful (but muddy). Such a beautiful course with mixed terrains and hills. I really enjoyed the 4 laps as it broke down the 13.1 miles nicely! The organisers were great and the support from the marshals was amazing - would definitely do the course again (maybe in the summer to avoid the mud slides at the end!)

·4 years ago

Beautiful course. You will be running past herds of wild deer, see distant views of London. The terrain is paths, roads and in the summer, dust paths (Not bad) Being a park this is open to the public. There is carparking on site.

·4 years ago

Scenic beauty and beastly hills. What a beautiful park! I was promised a deer sighting but had to make do with luscious green and leafy surroundings that would make any visitor appreciate how good our parks are in the London. As for the run itself, standard fare for RunThrough Events. Very well organised and seamless production. The four laps is a good way to do it as it mentally splits the run into managable quadrants. If it wasn’t for the big incline it would be my favourite race for sure. But hey, it’s great for fitness!!

·4 years ago

Richmond Half Marathon. Well organised, good snacks, water station, free t-shirt & medal.

·4 years ago

Good Race and well Organised. A well structured and organised event. All the support staff were amazing from arrival, bib collection and throughout the race on the course marshals were very supportive! only down side is the amount of plastic waste from water bottles, but for a small race series this is a problem for most races.

·4 years ago

Well organised and awesome location. Richmond park is a really nice place to run! The event was well organised, easy to find and reach from London. Enough staff to make everything work very smoothly. This was my first half marathon and it was great!

·4 years ago

Brilliant day.
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Harry Wright

James Beggs

Lee Wilson

Megan Cunningham

Pavithra Baskaran



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