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Scotland Challenge Scotland Challenge Scotland Challenge

Scotland Challenge

Virtual Event

Mon 22nd November 2021

3 races


Organiser's Description

The challenge for Scotland fans! Cover in the week of Nov 22nd-28th 2021 the distance chosen by you, as a virtual challenge, wherever you live - divided into stages on several days of your choice!

So you can spread the whole distance over the days as you like! The ideal running motivation in late autumn under the sign of the beauty of Scotland.

The following distances are available:

23km/14mi - John Buchan Run

The John Buchan Way combines the beautiful expanse of the Borders and viewpoints such as Cademuir Hill. Take part wherever you live in the sign of this beautiful trail.

48km/30mi - West Islands Run

The West Islands Way is one of Scotland's Great Trails, linking unique sites such as Rothesay Castle, Mount Stuart Manor House and Bute Brew Brewery.

55km/34mi - Three Lochs Way

The beautiful Three Lochs Way connects Loch Lomond, The Gareloch and the fjord-like Loch Long and is considered one of the most beautiful routes in Scotland.


  • 23km / 14mi (John Buchan Run)


    Includes £7.50 P&P

  • 48km / 30mi (West Islands Run)


    Includes £7.50 P&P

  • 55km / 34mi (Three Lochs Way)


    Includes £7.50 P&P



  • 23km / 14mi (John Buchan Run)


    Includes £7.50 P&P

  • 48km / 30mi (West Islands Run)


    Includes £7.50 P&P

  • 55km / 34mi (Three Lochs Way)


    Includes £7.50 P&P


What's Included


Starter number (for printing)
Access to the portal with the ranking list
Certificate (for printing)
Your exclusive, stunning Scotland medal

  • Sign up & choose your distance
  • Get access via email to our runners portal with all relevant data
  • Run wherever you live (also on treadmills)
  • Record your run with your favorite app - upload a screenshot of your running app to our running portal
  • Download your certificate
  • Check your ranking (24 hours after the end of the event)
  • Receive your medal (shipped out 24 hours after your run)
  • Check your ranking (24 hours after the end of the event)


  • What is a virtual run?

    You can complete a virtual run no matter where you are - your time, distance and ranking will all be saved online. Be part of an international, friendly community and earn your well-deserved medal!

  • What time does the run start?

    You choose your own start time. It is only important that it's the day of the event. The time and date of the time zone in which you are located always apply.

  • Can I walk or hike the distance?

    Since the time in which you absolve a run only plays a role for the ranking, you are also welcome to walk or hike at our events!

  • I did not receive my order confirmation:

    Shortly after your registration you will receive a confirmation - please note that the purchase of a shirt or other textiles does not imply a registration for an event. If you did not receive the Mail, please check your Spam folder and contact our support [email protected]

  • When will I get access to my Runners Portal?

    You will receive your access to the our portal at least 5 days before the event starts!

  • How can I track my distance?

    You can use all available running apps for your distance recording, it is only important that distance & time are clearly visible. Runners are fair! We trust that all members of the community are honest and will not "wear someone else's jacket" and the results shown are what you actually achieved.

  • When do I get my certificate and medal?

    After you uploaded a screenshot of your performance (screenshot of your app or running watch), we will send your medal to you immediately, your certificate will be available online at the same time. Please understand that some mail services may take a few days longer due to the current situation. Depending on where you live, it can take between 2 days and 4 weeks.

how it works

It is a virtual run - you can join wherever you live (worldwide)

If you you want to sign up for more then one just add the runs as well (their names you can add 5 days before the run in the running portal)

You will receive a booking confirmation within a few minutes

After 24 hours you we will receive via email an invitation to the run's Facebook group and further information

5 days before the run you will get an email with access to the runners portal. There you may check your name and add the names of your fellow runners and download your race number.

At the day of the run you will track your run with an app or running watch. Then simply upload to the running portal a screenshot or photo of the app or watch showing your time and distance. Within two hours our team will confirm your time and you can download your certificate

Your high quality medal and your finisher shirt (if you have added a shirt to your cart) will be shipped out to you about 2 days after the run. Please note that due to the current corona situation shipping may take 14 to 21 days in some instances).

t-shirt details

Motivate yourself and get your stylish Shirt!

Will be shipped out to you after the run with your medal!

About the shirt:

- functional runner shirt

- long-lasting imprint with date and competition

- available in different sizes (Unisex)

- because unisex, they are slightly smaller for men and slightly larger for women

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