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Bridport, Dorset

Charmouth, Bridport, England, United Kingdom

Sat 6th April 2024

Starting at 12:00

4 races

£60.00 - £198.00

Organiser's Description

The ORIGINAL coast path ultra run…

84 miles from Charmouth to Studland, over the world famous Jurassic coastline. A strict 24 hour time limit applies to complete the course. Self-navigate to check points along the coastline through the day and night. There is also a Third and Half ONER if you aren’t quite ready for the full distance.

This is a seriously tough event with only 50% of runners normally making it to the finish line.


  • The ONER


    With Transport

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  • The ONER


    Without Transport

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  • Half Oner


    With Island Lap

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  • Third Oner


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  • The ONER


    With Transport

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  • The ONER


    Without Transport

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  • Half Oner


    With Island Lap

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  • Third Oner


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Course Details

Pick your distance
Try the Third…

29 miles - Starting at Charmouth and finishing on Portland
Step up to the Half…

42 miles - Starting at Charmouth and finishing with a lap of Portland
Go for the Full…

84 miles in 24 hours - Charmouth to Studland
Checkpoints approximately every 10k


Registration and general timings:

Where is registration/briefing on Saturday?
Registration / briefing. is held at the new race HQ - Osprey Leisure Centre

Where does the race start?
All the race starts in Charmouth (Long Stay Carpark, Charmouth, Bridport DT6 6LS) and you will be transported to the start point. If you want to travel with your crew, this is fine, but it is your responsibility to arrive in time for the start.

What time does the race start?
All the races starts at 12:00

How does Half and Third ONER work?
The Half and Third starts alongside the Full at 12:00 noon in Charmouth and finishes on Portland. The Half includes a lap of the island and a ‘bonus-loop’ to include an extra hill!

What will be available at the aid stations?
Torq sports nutrition, Dorset Flapjack, bananas, sandwiches, pizza, crisps, sausage rolls, biscuits, jellybabies, water, tea, coffee, coke, cake and many other treats!

Can I have Drop Bags at Check Points?
You are allowed small, individual CP bags. Label them clearly and place them in the numbered boxes at registration. It is your responsibility to place them in the correct boxes, they will not be checked.

Where are the aid stations?
The check points vary between 3 and 11 miles, but most are around 6 miles. They are shown on the routes below.

Is there car parking available?
There will be a map of car parks near race HQ and the Half and Third finish point in the info pack.

Are there showers in HQ?

What are the rules?
Follow the route as closely as possible.
No littering - if you are caught dropping rubbish, you will be DQ'd.
You must wear your high viz and red tail light at sundown.
You must carry ALL the items on the kit list (if you are caught without it, you will be pulled from the event).

During the event if you are really struggling, a support runner can join you for one CP section (CP7 to CP8 for example), but NO pacers are allowed on this event.

Support runners / pacers
The idea of this race is to test yourself. It is understood that some people may require a little help to finish, this encouragement and support is done by the Brutal crew. It is against the ethos of the event to have support runners for multiple sections.

What happens if I need to pull out?
Make your way to the next CP. If you are unable to do that, either call the race director and make your location known or alert the next runner. You will then either be dropped back to Portland or Studland, depending on your location and the time of day. The Brutal staff will do their best to get you to your required location, but please understand that you maybe waiting at the CP until such time that transport can be arranged.

Where will my finish bag be?
Unless you have crew, your finish bags will be with Brutal Events during the event. Once you have finished kit check and registration, please hand your finish bag to the crew inside the hall. When this is done, there is no access to this bag until you get to CP6 / 8 (Portland) for the Half / Full Oner runners. Make sure this bag has your name and race number CLEARLY written and visable on it. Tags are available from registration.

What if I have crew?
If you have crew, they can take you to the start point of the event at Studland (after registration and briefing). They can also have your finish bags with them during the race if you prefer.

What happens when I finish?
Please see the entry section below for the different race finishes and transport options.

Race cut offs
The check point timings are found in the race pack.

Can I use poles?
Walking poles are allowed.

Are there UTMB qualifying points available?
The ONER - Rab's Ultra will give 100k for UTMB registrations

hints and Tips

Into the darkness
Half of this event will be in the dark, so make sure your navigation is on point, otherwise you may find yourself in a random field, a decent head torch is a must.

Get ready to get muddy
Nothing can prepare you for the coast path mud in April. This is not a race for road shoes, you need all the grip possible.

Info pack

Information pack for 2023, please use for reference but all timings etc subject to change

For reference

cut offs

Half cut off
01:00 (13 hours from start of race)

Full cut off
Sunday 12:00 (24 hours from start of race)

entry fees & transport

Full Oner - Studland to Charmouth - WITHOUT transport option: £190

You make your own way to the race HQ on Portland and from the event once you have finished. Transport to the start at Portland from Charmouth (registration) is included in your entry.

Full Oner - Studland to Charmouth - WITH transport option: £198

Once you have finished your race at Studland, you will need to wait there until all the seats on the next available minibus are allocated, you will then be driven to Portland. There will be hot drinks, soup and a rest area while you wait. The Brutal staff will do their best to get you back as soon as possible, but be advised that there maybe a wait of over an hour for this.

If arriving by train:

There will also be pick up from Weymouth Train Station on the morning of the race, but you must contact Brutal Events (email: [email protected]) by March 20th to arrange pick up. This will cost £5 (cash to be given to the driver).

Train station drop offs:

Full Oner: Available after the event is over from Studland to Weymouth.


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1 review


·4 years ago

The night will eat you and spit you out. GAME ON. This event is a true test of character and resilience. Get the fun run done to Osmington Mills and then it's game on till the end. Well organised and supported.

Who's In

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Deacon Richardson

Hattie Mann

Morgan Newman

Phill Weymouth


Bridport, Dorset

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