Zurich San Sebastián Marathon Zurich San Sebastián Marathon Zurich San Sebastián Marathon Zurich San Sebastián Marathon Zurich San Sebastián Marathon Zurich San Sebastián Marathon

Zurich San Sebastián Marathon

San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

San Sebastián, País Vasco, España

Sun 26th November 2023

Starting at 09:00

3 races

£13.00 - £60.00

Organiser's Description


The Zurich Maratón San Sebastián is much more than a sporting event. San Sebastián, home to the second-oldest marathon in Spain. It has everything you would expect from a weekend of sports tourism. It is a mass event with thousands of participants in search of an amazing personal experience in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth.

San Sebastian is quite a small town with around 180,000 habitants and it is known worldwide thanks to its unique gastronomy and beauty.
Located in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain, on the Cantabrian Sea and just 20 km from France, San Sebastian hosts one of the oldest marathons in Europe, the Zurich Maratón San Sebastián. The race welcomes about 7,000 runners each year.
The city is open, inclusive and has a cosmopolitan spirit. Its character and tradition, a past steeped in the Belle Époque that has left its mark in its architecture, its culture and its world-famous cuisine.
This unique journey starts when you sign up for the race and ends when you cross the finish line. You are all welcome, from Gipuzkoan women to men who come from the other side of the world. Together with hundreds of volunteers, performers, medical professionals, physiotherapists and citizens, every single one of you helps make the Zurich Maratón San Sebastián a unique experience in San Sebastián, a place like no other.
A pollution-free town, at sea level, San Sebastian offers all runners the chance to enjoy a perfect weekend in a touristic town where they can visit, among others, the famous La Concha beach, rated in the last few years as the Best European Beach. The race goes along this impressive beach, giving the runners a unique breath-taking feeling.
Three distances are available on the same day; 10K, 21K and 42K.
The route is flat and ideal for those runners who want to try the marathon distance for the first time.
The experience of running in San Sebastian is never disappointing. Nor is the visit to a town which can be visited in just a few hours. Its charms fascinate visitors and so do the traditional pintxos or tapas available in the hundreds of bars to be found in the Old Town.
During the weekend of the Marathon one can really feel a very athletic atmosphere. Back in 1977 San Sebastian hosted the indoor European Athletics Championship in Anoeta Velodrome, where the marathon sets up its Welcome Area nowadays. The town also hosted the World Marathon Cup in 1993 and current Spain’s Women marathon record was achieved in San Sebastian. Special mention should also go to San Sebastian International Cross, where Zátopek gathered 40,000 spectators some decades ago. San Sebastian is one of the towns with the greatest athletic tradition worldwide.
Remember you have a date with Zurich San Sebastian Marathon next 26th November. Or in other words: you have a date with your dream marathon.
Welcome to the Zurich Maratón San Sebastián!

Half Marathon
An ideal race to enjoy the atmosphere of the big races that will be held also on Sunday 26 November.

On the same day as the Marathon, you will also have the 10K. An ideal race to set a personal best or to get started in the world of running.


  • Marathon


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  • San Sebastian Half Marathon


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  • San Sebastian 10K


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  • Marathon


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  • San Sebastian Half Marathon


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  • San Sebastian 10K


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What's Included

Official T-shirt

Runner's bag

Personalised bib number



Live tracking on race day

Online results

Online certificate


More info

Finisher medal

Recovery and massage area

Performances along the course

Official magazine

Race photo package (additional charge)

Medal engraving (additional charge)

Course Details

The new circuit, inaugurated in 2022, confirmed that it is a more central, more touristic, faster and even flatter circuit. Perfect to enjoy as a runner and feel the warmth of the crowd.

The Marathon starts from the privileged situation of Hernani Street, in the heart of the city close to the City Hall and the Alderdi Eder gardens, and finishes in the emblematic Boulevard.

The first kilometers will run through the main streets of the city center and the promenade along the Urumea river before heading Avenue Libertad towards the La Concha and the Antiguo neighborhood. On the way back from La Concha’s bay, the race will pass through the neighborhoods of Amara, Anoeta, downtown and Gross, passing in front of such emblematic buildings as the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, the Anoeta Stadium, the Cathedral of Buen Pastor, the Kursaal or Place Guipuzkoa. At the end of the third lap, you will enjoy a fantastic straight of more than a kilometer completely flat to the finish line, always surrounded by the warmth of local public.

expo sports

Place: San Sebastian’s Kursaal Congress Centre

Address: Zurriola Hiribidea, 1, 20002 Donostia, Gipuzkoa

November 25th 2023
10am to 8pm

The Expo Sports is the focal point of the event in the run-up to the Zurich San Sebastian Marathon. This is where you will get your race material with your bib number, an embedded chip and your t-shirt.

There are also stands ran by sports brands displaying their latest products and services where you can even buy last-minute gear and equipment for the marathon.

What do you need in order to pick up your bib number

Only with your ID card or passport.
Show your confirmation e-mail with your bib number.

*If you can't find it, you can download it from our website (once the numbers have been assigned).

*Someone can pick it up on your behalf, by presenting a photocopy of your ID card or passport along with your registration confirmation and the e-mail with your bib number.

What to do if you have purchased the medal engraving service

You have to visit the medal engraving stand with your bib number. You will get a wristband that will allow you to have your medal engraved with your name and time after the race. It will be a treasured keepsake!

  • No race bibs will be handed out after 8pm on Saturday, November 25th.


Where can I pick up my race number?
At the Feria del Corredor (Runner's Show). Kursaal Elkargunea Center, on 26 or 27 November from 10 am to 8 pm.

Can someone else retrieve my race number on my behalf?
Sure. Whoever picks up your race number on your behalf will have to present your registration confirmation, the e-mail you will receive with your race number, and a photocopy of your official identity document (national ID card, foreigner identification card or passport).

Can I pick up my race number on the day of the race?
No race numbers will be handed out after 8 pm on 26 November

Am I supposed to wear the yellow chip in addition to the chip embedded in the race number?
The chip embedded in the race number will be used to establish your time in the race. You will not be needing the yellow chip this time round, so you can leave it home.

Will there be pacemakers?
Yes, there will be a group of pacemakers to help you achieve your goal. The pacemakers will set the pace for eight different target times: 2:45 h, 3:00 h, 3:15 h, 3:30 h, 3:45 h, 4:00 h, 4:30 h and 5h.

You will find them in the start boxes corresponding to their target times. They will be carrying little flags displaying these times

Can I run with headphones?
No, it is not allowed for safety reasons. The Federation forbids it. Enjoy the atmosphere of the city and the performances along the course.

What will I get from the liquid refreshment stations?
Water, isotonic drinks and (at some refreshment stations) gels will be handed out

Bag Drop

Place: Kursaal Elkargunea Center

Address: Zurriola Hiribidea, 1, 20002 Donostia, Gipuzkoa

November 25th 2023
November 26th 2023
From 10am to 8pm
From 7:15am to 3pm
Where can I leave my spare clothes and personal belongings?

On Saturday, November 25th from 10am to 8pm and on race day, between 7:15am and 8:45am (until 8am for 10K runners), you can leave your belongings at the Kursaal Conference Centre (Expo Sports).

We recommend arriving to the cloakroom with spare time and avoid unnecessary last-minute rush. Important! Remember to get there already changed with your bib number on your shirts and your backpack identified with the corresponding receipt (in case you leave it in the cloakroom).

You will be able to collect your belongings from the left-luggage service from 9am to 3pm.

race rules

Article 1. Date

The Zurich Maratón San Sebastián is organised by a Promotion Committee made up of two institutions: the Gipuzkoan Athletics Federation (FAG) and UTE Donosti Eventos-RPM-Racing-Pruebas Deportivas.

The race will be held on a fully urban course on November 26th 2023.

Article 2. Length and race officials

All distances are official and are certified by the RFEA through an authorized commissioner of World Athletics (WA). Likewise, they are under the WA/RFEA road race regulations. Judges appointed by the RFEA and the FAG will ensure compliance with the rules.

Article 3. Participation

The race is open to athletes of any nationality, federated in athletics or not. In the Marathon race, athletes must be 18 years old on the day of the race.

In the 10K and Half Marathon, athletes must be 16 years old on the day of the race. All minors must submit a completed parental consent form. It is essential to send this completed document to the e-mail: [email protected], accompanied by a photocopy of the minor's ID card and a photocopy of the authorized adult's ID card. The organization reserves the right to cancel the registration of the minor runner if he/she does not have in his/her possession the requested documentation. You can download the parental authorization document from the registration process.

Athletes of all nationalities are eligible to take part in the marathon. A federation licence is not needed to participate as you can take one in the registration. The minimum age is 18 years on the day of the race. In accordance with RFEA rules, several male and female classifications will be established according to year of birth. Each runner takes part in the marathon at his or her own risk and has to be physically fit to tackle the race. Participants are not allowed to use any equipment not suitable for an athletics event of this kind, including but not limited to skates, skateboards, bicycles, electric wheelchairs and handcycles.

Article 4. Judges

The referee appointed by the RFEA/WA will have the final decision on any binding aspect for the course of the race. He/she will be assisted by judges and auxiliary commissaries of the FAG. According to the WA rules, in Marathon and Half Marathon from km 5 and every 5 km there will be a refreshment point, as well as at the finish. In the Marathon race the partial time will be taken at Km 10, the half marathon at Km 30 and the finish line. In the Half Marathon it will be at K10 and at the finish line. In the 10K race it will be at Km5.

A maximum time of 5h is established to complete the Marathon course, 2h for the Half Marathon and 1h 10 for the 10K. After this time, participants who have not finished may continue following the highway code and under their own responsibility.

Article 5. Registration

The race is limited to 3.500 participants in the Marathon. 2.000 in Half Marathon and 1.500 in 10km race. Registration takes place online here www.zurichmaratonsansebastian.com.

Payment is by debit or credit card at the time of registration.

Registration will remain open until November 19 or until there are no places left.

All fees include the race number/chip.

Registration for the Zurich Maratón San Sebastián is personal and non-transferable and constitutes acceptance of these rules. Under no circumstances may it be given or sold to anyone else, including friends and relatives, because the person who signed up is unable to start the race. Attempting to do so will be grounds for disqualification from the race. The organisers also reserve the right to exclude the offender from future events.

Article 6. Refunds

No refunds will be given and no deferrals will be granted once registration is complete. When registering, participants will be given the option to purchase a money-back guarantee that enables them to request a full refund of the registration fee until October 27th and to defer their entry to the next edition between this date and November 12th. The money-back guarantee may not be purchased after completing the registration. The price of this guarantee will under no circumstances be refunded. Athletes who have bought the money-back guarantee can apply for a refund by sending an e-mail with their name, surnames, ID number and order number (displayed on the registration) to [email protected]

Article 7. Cancellation

If the event has to be cancelled due to circumstances outside its control, the organisers reserve the right to declare article 6 of these Rules null and void and to take any measures deemed necessary at their discretion.

Article 8. Race number retrieval

The race number/chip and runner's bag can be retrieved on the following dates:


At the Expo Sports in the "Palacio de Congresos KURSAAL" (Av. de la Zurriola 1).

The bibs must be worn clearly visible on the front of the body during the entire race.

The chip is embedded in the race number as a strip on the back, so the race number should not be folded or tampered with.

Participants who fail to retrieve their race numbers and runner's bags on time will lose their right to these items.

No race numbers will be handed out on the day of the race.

Runners will have to present their ID document or, if retrieving a race number on behalf of someone else, a photocopy or photograph of the other person's ID document on their mobile phone.

Article 9. Registration of Gipuzkoan licence holders

Gipuzkoan runners who hold a FAG license and met the following official marks in a marathon, half marathon or 10.000 meters race in the 2018–2019 or 2019–2020 seasons will be allowed to register for the race at no cost:

10.000 meters on track (men): 33′ 00″ / (women): 43′ 00″.

Marathon (men): 2h 45′ 00″ / (women): 3h 24′ 00″.

Half marathon (men): 1h 15′ 20″ / (women): 1h 35′ 00″.

To sign up, these runners have to send an e-mail to the FAG ([email protected]) by 8 pm on 11 November 2021, including the following information: name and surnames (if applicable), date of birth, telephone number, licence number, club and the official mark along with the date and place where it was set.

The Maratón Internacional de San Sebastián will double as the Gipuzkoan Marathon Championship in both the men and the women's Elite categories. Athletes wishing to enter the Championship must sign up both on the marathon's registration platform and on the RFEA's extranet before 13 November. These athletes, alongside those considered Elite by the organisers, will have to go through the call room set up next to the start (*) as soon as the final participant in the 10k race has started the event, and in any case before 8:50 am, with their licence, passport or photo ID and the official clothes of the team for which they are racing in the event.

Article 10. Race number/chip

The race number/chip is mandatory and must be worn visibly on the chest for the entire duration of the race.

Checks will be conducted at the start, at the finish and along the course. All runners are required to go over the timing mats.

Article 11. Time limits and pacemakers

The marathon race will end no later than 5 hours after the start of the race (first participant has gone over the timing mat on the start line). Athletes who miss the following time limits will be removed from the competition:

5 km: 35′33″

10 km: 1 h 11′06″

20 km: 2 h 22′12″

25 km: 2 h 57′45″

30 km: 3 h 33′18″

35 km: 4 h 08′51″

40 km: 4 h 44′24″

42.195 km: 5 hours

The maximum duration of the race in Half Marathon distance will be 2 hours after the start of the race (first participant has gone over the timing mat on the start line). Athletes who do not comply with the following steps in each of their races will be withdrawn from the competition:

5KM: 35min
10KM: 1h10 min
21.097,5KM: 2h

During the entire course, all Half Marathon participants who are overtaken by the head of the Marathon race will be out of the race.

The maximum time of duration of the 10KM distance race will be 1 hour 10 minutes after the last participant passes the starting mat. Athletes who do not comply with the following steps in each of their races will be withdrawn from the competition:

5KM: 35min
10KM: 1h10min

Throughout the course, all 10K participants who are overtaken by the head of the race will be out of the race.

The organization will provide the Marathon and Half Marathon participants with 8 pacemakers that will set a fixed pace during the race to make the following marks:

Marathon/Half Marathon: 2h45/1h22, 3h/1h30, 3h15/1h37, 3h30/1h45, 3h45/1h52, 4h/2h-closing pace of Half Marathon-, 4h30 and 5h.

Participants aiming for a time lower than 2h40 will have the right to register a personal pacemaker under certain price and conditions marked form for this purpose. Please consult the conditions at [email protected]

Article 12. Disqualification

The following breaches of the rules shall be grounds for disqualification:

Failure to wear the race number/chip or go through the checkpoints.
Failure to complete the entire course.
Altering or concealing the advertisements on the race number or failure to wear it visibly on the chest.
Wearing another runner's race number/chip.
Failure to comply with any instruction from the judges or members of the organisation.
Crossing the finish line without a race number.
Using non-participants or people travelling in unofficial vehicles for pacemaking.
Getting refreshments or water from sources other than the official refreshment stations displayed on the course map.
Getting refreshments from vehicles or other athletes.
Running on the course with prams or children's cars.
Running on the course with children, including at the finish.
Note that motor vehicles and bicycles other than those fielded by the organisers are also strictly forbidden on the course.
Article 13. Refreshment stations

There will be refreshment posts every 5km up to a total of 8 points for the Marathon distance and 4 points for the Half Marathon. There will be refreshment posts at KM 5 in the 10K distance.

The refreshment stations will be distributed as follows:

There will also be refreshments at the finish line.

Customised refreshments (only for Elite athletes hired by the organisers and participants in the Gipuzkoan championship) are to delivered at Reale Arena's south parking lot from 7 to 8 am on the day of the race. Customised refreshments must bear the race number of the corresponding athlete and the kilometre at which they are to be handed out.

Article 14. Insurance

All officially registered participants will be covered by an insurance policy for any accidents that may occur directly as a result of the race, excluding any accidents caused by a latent disease or defect, imprudence, negligence or failure to observe the law and the provisions of the rules, as well as those that occur while travelling to and from the venue of the race.

Article 15. Medical assistance

Medical assistance will be provided at several points along the course and at the finish.

The organisers advise runners to undergo a medical check-up prior to entering this sporting event and remind athletes that participation is entirely at their own risk.

Article 16. Doping tests

In accordance with WA rules, the participants in the men's and women's categories who are selected by the competent authorities (Basque Government and/or AEPSAD) will undergo doping tests.

Participants are reminded that the refusal to undergo a doping test will lead to automatic disqualification for all intents and purposes. No cash prizes will be paid out until the organisers have received the results of the doping tests of the corresponding athletes. If a test returns a positive result, the required analysis of the B sample will be carried out; if the latter confirms the positive result, the participant will forfeit all prizes (cash or otherwise).

Article 17. Prizes

Trophies will be awarded to the first three absolute male and female finishers in all distances (10K, Half Marathon and Marathon).

Trophies will also be awarded to the first 3 Gipuzkoa runners in the Absolute Male and Female Marathon category (Gipuzkoa Championship) and the first 3 finishers in the +40; +50; +60 years old category, which will be awarded as the podium is completed at the finish line.

Article 18. Classification

The organisers will post unofficial classifications on their website on the day of the race. The official classifications will be published the next day. The judges may amend the classifications after reviewing the checkpoints set up by the organisers along the course to check times until 16 December, when the classifications will be final.

Any matters not covered in these Rules will be governed by IAAF rules.

Article 19. Image rights and data transfer

By signing up for the event, all participants accept these Rules and grant the FAG and UTE Donosti Eventos-RPM-Racing-Pruebas Deportivas permission to process their personal details and images of them taking part in the event (photos, video, etc.) using computer systems and exclusively for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes, whether directly or through third parties.

In accordance with Data Protection Law 15/1999 of 13 December, participants may request access to these files to rectify or delete the data concerning them in part or in whole. This right can be exercised by writing to the registered address of the FAG or UTE Donosti Eventos-RPM-Racing-Pruebas Deportivas.

These rules have been approved with the endorsement of the RFEA. Any matters not covered in these Rules will be governed by IAAF rules.


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Alexandru Miron


San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

26 Nov 2023

£13.00 - £60.00

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