Wanna give your training a little mo’ firepower? Better bring some wake shake BOOM to your morning routine with MOJU Shots.

Packing the most beneficial ingredients nature has to offer, it’s the easiest way to give your body a much-needed boost on the daily. And when it comes to that running life? Well, with potent flavours blended for active immunity, vitality and A-game gut health, we’ve got all the goods to put some fuel in the tank.

While it’s not hard for our punchy flavours to get you thoroughly hooked, it’s the convenience of MOJU that makes it a must for any athlete. From a caffeine-free Ginger kick to get you firing on all cylinders to getting a hit of pepper-laced Turmeric to make recovery a breeze, we’re with you every step of your Ks. Hey, there’s even evidence to suggest that a spicy 60ml MOJU Ginger Shot is here to fire you up and fight off fatigue.

Simply put, vitamin C is known for helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue. In one study which took place over 30 days, participants performed aerobic exercise to exhaustion before and after consuming vitamin C – and those with higher concentrations outperform those with lower levels. Talk about BOOM…

Nutritious. Delicious. Ferociously flavoursome. With MOJU supporting your run, you’ll always go the extra mile.

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