Royal Marines Charity Bootcamp Challenge

75% of Royal Marines have been deployed in operations over the past 3 years. The Royal Marines Charity has a massive responsibility in that it looks after both serving and retired Royal Marines, & their dependents - this converts into some 125,000 potential beneficiaries.
It goes without saying that they seek to support their wounded & injured in any way they can. But they also seek to improve the quality of life for each & every Royal Marine.
We are raising money for The Royal Marines Charity and they are uniquely placed to understand, adapt and respond. They provide through life support for the whole Royal Marines family; The serving Corps, Veterans, reservists, widows, dependants and cadets, by providing assistance when public funding or support from other agencies is unavailable.
They enable Marines and their families to overcome their challenges, including lifechanging injury, life-limiting illness, mental disability, transition to civilian life, and even poverty. Unfortunately, the Commando mindset isn’t always enough, but with your support, they can help the Royal Marines family to win their battles and ensure that no one is left behind.

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