Andrew Scorer


A trail running club in search of the finest trails that explore the natural beauty of our countryside. We want to help local communities feel alive while raising money for their schools through our events.

Our founder Andy and his team of fellow dads have been out at all hours scouring the local countryside, testing the hills, splashing through the streams, and finding stunning views that make you feel alive!

The routes we discover will be the basis for local running events that bring communities together, with challenges for all abilities, activities for the kids and minimal impact on the environment. And most importantly, raising funds for the local school.

Our events are a level playing field:
- We all have to put on our running shoes
- We all have to challenge ourselves mentally and physically to finish the run
- We all need time out from our daily lives

@RUAliveseries embraces this ethos and wants everyone to join us. Run at your pace whether it is just a few kilometres, a 10k or an ultra. Everyone has a different reason for doing exercise, so why not come along and share your reasons and experiences with our growing community.

Help us inspire others to feel alive too! Anything is possible when the people around you support you in achieving your ambitions.