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Marc Trussell is the country’s highest-qualified Spartan Race SGX Coach and the first and only Spartan Delta holder in the UK, one of only 10 in the world. Now specialising in Obstacle Course Race coaching, Marc is also a Personal Trainer qualified in CrossFit and MovNat. He has a background in Double Iron distance Triathlon and 100-mile Ultrarunning. Find out more at and

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2Master the burpee

Whether you’re at the spear throw or on Mount Olympus, those burpees may well make an appearance on race day. Embrace them! Get working on some Tabata burpee training (4 mins - 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest x 8 rounds), shoot for 5 burpees per 20 second interval. That’s 40 burpees done, and at Spartan Race we ask you for just 30 if you fail an obstacle. That’s a win, right? 

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3Nothing new on the day

It’s a week before your race, you’ve just bought a new compression top, so now test it out before race day to ensure it’s comfortable. This rule applies to everything: shoes, shorts, socks and nutrition as well. Nobody wants gut problems before a rope climb.

Pic 3 Wear Nothing New

4Enjoy the experience and smile at the marshals

Running a Spartan Race is an awesome experience, so take time out to enjoy every mile and obstacle. Engage with the marshals. They love a ‘high-five’ and a muddy hug. Share a smile. Some marshals even give out jelly babies.

Pic4 Smile

5Compose yourself

When you approach an obstacle on race day, walk to it rather than run, especially in the latter half of the race. This will be give you time to compose yourself, make a judgement and watch how best (or not!) to get over it, through it, carry or throw it. The right mindset and game plan may well save you that 30 burpee penalty (see above).

Pic 5 Compose

6Help your fellow Spartan

You’re in this together, so if a fellow Spartan needs a hand over a wall, or some encouragement over the cargo, then help them out and don’t feel afraid to ask for help yourself if you need it. As you conquer your first Spartan Race, remember to live by the Spartan warrior ethos: Never leave a fallen comrade behind.

Pic 6 Help Fellow Spartans
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