Coronavirus Update Coronavirus Update

Last Updated 09:00GMT 24/03/20

Clearly the situation is changing very rapidly, but here’s what we know right now, what we are doing to try and help, and what you can do:

Top FAQs:

How do I find out more about the status and/or contingency plan for a Race that I have already booked through

If you booked place in an event via please refer to your original Booking Confirmation Email for the Race Organiser’s contact email address. Please contact them direct via that email address. They are best placed to answer your queries.

Is it safe to keep running?

Yes, once a day, while observing specific conditions and social distancing: Official UK Govt advice is that "people may take one form of exercise a day for example a run, walk or cycle - alone or with members of your household" and also that people "should be minimising time spent outside of the home and ensuring you are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your household."

Avoid other people. Run in open spaces and quiet spaces. Go steady - now is not the time for extreme exertion. Choose sensible terrain and only run after dark with a headtorch or in well lit areas - now is not the time to burden the NHS with a sprained ankle. Do not run if you are unwell or are in an at-risk group. The Official advice to date has acknowledged that there are physical and mental wellbeing benefits of exercising outside once a day, but please follow the guidance above to ensure we are all able to do this safely and for as long as possible. See the video below from our friends at The Running Channel - "Embrace Running on your Own : Coping with Social Distancing.

More FAQ's:

Is it safe to attend mass gatherings such as Races?

No. Mass gatherings of more than 2 people (excluding members of your family) are now banned as of 24/03/20. It is not be possible to manage the necessary Social Distancing guidelines at a Race.

Will races be postponed/cancelled/banned?

Yes. In the short term many Races due to take place in April and May have already been postponed, cancelled, or turned in Virtual Runs.

Latest UK Government guidance (24/03/20) means that gatherings of 2 people or more are banned. This will be reviewed in 3 weeks (14/04/20) at the latest.

Governing bodies such as UK Athletics, British Cycling, and the British Triathlon Federation have announced bans on events until at least the end of April 2020 - so all Races affiliated to these organisations are on hold until then.

We will be working hard to update the site as we learn of postponements and cancellations, but this is a work-in-progress: please bear with us and check back frequently.

How do I find out more about a race that I have already booked through

If you booked place in an event via please refer to your original booking confirmation email for the Race Organiser’s contact email address. They will be able to advise you on any queries regarding cancellation, postponement, transfers, etc. If you booked with your credit card you may have an additional layer of refund/cancellation protection - check with your provider. Most Race Organisers are likely to offer transfers/deferrals or a Virtual Run rather than cash refunds.

The vast majority of Race Organisers are small businesses who will take a big hit to their income as a result of Coronavirus, not to mention the stress and work involved in rescheduling events. Please bear with them - and support them - we want them to survive this so that we all have lots of great races to take part in in the future. We trust that they will do everything they can to make sure you get that amazing race day experience when it is safe to do so.

My original race has already been postponed/cancelled - what are my options?

  • If you have had your event cancelled/postponed but have already put the training in and want a goal (and a medal) then you can browse for a smaller replacement event or enter our Plan B Virtual Run Challenge - all profits go to charity.
  • If you haven’t yet booked a place in an event but still want to do so then we suggest you consider Races later in the year, eg Summer/Autumn 2020.

How long will this last?

The UK Government has suggested that the peak will have passed in the UK by June, but this may well change as the situation develops. Many Races and Race Organisers are planning for postponed Spring events to take place in Autumn.

We remain committed to supporting the Participants and Race Organisers that make what it is - the UK's best and most popular Race Discovery Marketplace.

Stay safe :-)

The Team

Latest UK Government advice on Coronavirus (24/03/20)

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