Cambridge Slow Swim

Sheep's Green, Cambridge

Cambridge CB2 7AD, UK

Sat 10th July 2021

Organiser's Description

The Cambridge Swim Picnic isn't a race. It's a social swim and a picnic at Sheep's Green, in the historic city of Cambridge. The only difference is to get to the picnic you have to swim along the idyllic River Cam from the village of Grantchester 2.5km away. The Cambridge Swim Picnic is part of the Slow Swimming campaign, aimed at encouraging swimmers to take their time and enjoy the opportunity to be out fully immersed in nature. There are no timing chips or results sheets. Everyone who takes part is a winner equally.

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2.5 km

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Thomas Davis

sophie williams

Tai French


Gemma McGill

Lina Merzougui

Lucy Bale

Maxime Punja

Nina-May Gill

Robyn Coombes

Sharon Brooks


Sheep's Green, Cambridge