Chilly GO TRI at Hampton Pool

Hampton, London

Organiser's Description

Open the season up right with a chilly triathlon at Hampton Pool. With your time frozen for transition 1, feel free to take your time and get dry, warm, changed and ready for the bike and run leg. Heading off on a flat fast course. A great way to start your 2019 season!


Swim 216m, Bike 11 km, Run 3 km


A good beginner event, with some drawbacks

The Chilly GoTri was my second GoTri event, having done the previous one in September. I felt that this one wasn't as well organised, and the race briefing was less encouraging for beginners than the previous one. The rain definitely dampened spirits, and there was some disorganisation with the starting order, some delay, and the starting numbers being jumbled up. The facilities were good and I felt the timings were accurate and delivered promptly after the race. There was no real photography at this race, as there was at the previous one. It seems to have all been done on mobile phone and is of low quality. The medals are low quality for this event. Given the time of year and conditions, more should have been done to lift spirits of contestants.

Oli Hammans / Mar 04, 2019