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Endure24 Reading

Endure24 Reading event image Endure24 Reading event image Endure24 Reading event image

Endure24 Reading

Reading, Berkshire

Wasing Park, Reading, RG7 4, United Kingdom

Sat 8th June 2024 - Sun 9th June 2024

Starting at 10:00

1 race


Organiser's Description

Epic, Brutal, Relentless and a whole lot of fun!

Endure24 is a trail running race against the clock to tackle as many laps of one of our iconic courses as you can in 24 hours. Enter as a solo runner or get a team together and see how far you can run in 24 hours.

The Reading event takes place in Wasing Park, set within the beautiful Berkshire countryside amongst 33 acres including a Manor House, walled Gardens and lakes. Our 8km trail features exciting landmarks and enchanting natural wonders, including the 15th century Church of St Nicholas and the mesmerising Wasing Wood. After conquering the infamous ‘Heartbreak Hill,’ take in the stunning panoramic views of Paices Wood lake.


  • Endure24 Reading

    Team and Solo Entry From



  • Endure24 Reading

    Team and Solo Entry From


Course Details

8km loop - A varied and exciting trail with stunning scenery!

You don’t need to be worried about getting bored or needing to keep your mind busy on this trail!

Setting off over that start line with hundreds of like-minded adventurous thrill seekers, one of the first landmarks you’ll come across is the ancient 15th century Church of St Nicholas. Top Endure24 Fan? Potential future wedding venue?

As you meander along the course you’ll soon be heading in to Wasing Wood. Once out of the weird and wonderful woods why not reward yourself with a cold refreshing beveragino whilst taking in the panoramic views of Paices Wood lake that will make you soon forget the smidge of a hill that is, the ‘Heartbreak Hill’.

Dust off those tutu’s in your dressing up cupboards. You’re about to indulge in the fantastical Fairy Forest before reaching the end of the 8km loop. Was it a dream? Was it real?

And this is only a proportion of what you’ll experience at Endure24 Reading! You’ll have to come and see for yourself what we mean…

What's Included

Included in your entry fee is access to the 24 hour, 5 mile trail route with a half-way water station and lots of encouragement and support along the way! Access to our Basecamp for overnight camping is included in your entry fee, where there will be food concessions, entertainment and yoga/stretch classes* (*additional cost).

  • Unique atmosphere: Whether you’re taking part, or you’re on 24 hour support duty, you’ll find everything you need from food concession to bars.
  • The venue: Wasing Park is set within the beautiful Berkshire countryside among 33 acres of luscious grounds.
  • Something for everyone: You can choose to take on the clock yourself or in a relay as part of a team. Raise funds for a charity or get your colleagues involved. The choice is yours!

How to Get There

Participant car parking is available at the Event Village. This is included in your solo or team runner entry fee. Parking for Supporters is included in the Weekend Camping Pass and with a Supporter Day Parking Pass.

For more information:

The nearest railway station is in Aldermaston. We recommend booking a taxi to the event site in advance.

There will also be drop off and pick up areas at each location. There is a maximum wait time of 30 mins. It is free of charge and does not need to be booked.

Our 'Event Day Booklet' will be released nearer to the event with more information.


Parking is included in your entry fee and is included in the Supporter Weekend Pass. Supporters visiting for the day can purchase a Supporter Day Parking Pass.

For more information:


Event Village address: Wasing Park, Wasing Lane, Berkshire, RG7 4LY

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For more information:

how it works

Endure24 is a 24 hour race where you run against the clock to see how many laps you can complete before time runs out. You can enter as a solo runner or as part of a relay team. However you choose to tackle to course the most important thing is to have fun!

Check out our detailed descriptions below for more information on how the event works.

Solo Runners
Solo runners start with the main race at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours. They can have support crew (we strongly recommend this due to the nature of the event) in their camping area but not on the route. They can stop for rests and food whenever they wish. Solo runners should always leave the course at the solo exit/entry point or risk the timing system missing a lap. Solo runners may wish to consider starting later if they have a target in mind, want to avoid the busy early laps or if it’s hot, this is fine as your chip will pick up when you start. i.e. You may have a target of 10 laps and prefer to start running at 6.00pm as you are confident 18 hours is enough time.

*Please note that you must be 18+ to enter as a solo runner*

Team Captains
The team captain has a very important role in managing the team. They will be the person that entered the team and they have the responsibility of ensuring all team members are aware of the rules and in particular the health and safety aspects of the event. They may manage the team on the day but if they are running they may prefer to allocate someone else, possibly a non runner to manage the team at the event.

It’s important to have someone managing the run schedule and checking everyone is OK, you should also allocate a deputy to cover for sleep breaks. It’s not unusual for captains to be walking round with a clipboard and radio making sure everyone knows when to eat, sleep and run.

Check out our Captain’s Guide for more information.

*Please note that you must be 18+ to enter as a team captain*

Pairs & Teams
Teams start with the main race at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours, each member of the team must complete at least one lap. You cannot use runners not registered in your team. Always leave the course at the exchange point or you risk the timing system missing you. Always enter the course at the exchange point or you risk disqualification. You do not have to have someone on the course at all times, teams can take a break and resume later in the race. People love the excitement of the mass start, but you can also opt to start later than 12.00pm if your team would like to have a quieter start.

*Please note that you must be 18+ to enter as a pair*

Laps & Breaks
You can take a break anytime you like but always leave/enter the course at the correct point. You can carry on and do more than one lap or handover to your partner or team member. Only one member of a team must be on the course at any time*. Team and solo runners do not have to have be on the route for the whole 24 hours. You can take a break and resume the race when you are ready.

* The one exception to this is at the end of your final runners lap there is an access point approx 100m before the finish where team members can join their final runner for a team finish. Please be aware of solo runners as they may still be racing.

The Exchange
The finishing team member should pass the exchange wristband to their teammate at the exchange point. If your runner is not there (it happens) we suggest you carry on and do another lap. The exchange area is always busy but we ask you to stay off the route. There is a screen opposite the exchange area which shows a live feed and scrolls the names of the approaching runners to the exchange area.

Only runners are permitted in the exchange area. To be fair to everyone please do not enter the exchange unless you are a runner waiting to exchange, this includes team members not running, team captains, family and children. We will be checking this and disqualify teams ignoring this rule because it affects everyone else’s race.

event day information

please use this as a guide; all subject to change and will be confirmed closer to the event

2023 event booklet

Event Video


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