Evolve Half & Quarter Triathlons

Womersley, North Yorkshire

The Blue Lagoon, Northfield Lane, Womersley, DN6 9BB

Sun 15th August 2021

Organiser's Description

Choose from our classic Half Triathlon, or if you aren't quite ready for middle distance, our Quarter distance. Both events use the same looped course. The swim is in the beautiful Blue Lagoon, in Womersley, North Yorkshire, the bike is on the fast and flat roads of the southern tip of North Yorkshire and the run takes in the quiet country roads of Womersley and the surrounding villages.

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1 km Swim, 45 km Bike, 10 km Run 2 km Swim, 90 km Bike, 2 0km Run

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Adam Thurlow

Aron Davies

Dan Massey

Elliot Dowley

Juan Crous


Womersley, North Yorkshire