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Hughenden Half & Quarter Marathon Hughenden Half & Quarter Marathon Hughenden Half & Quarter Marathon Hughenden Half & Quarter Marathon

Hughenden Half & Quarter Marathon

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Hughenden Manor, High Wycombe, HP14 4, United Kingdom

Sat 2nd April 2022

Starting at 09:30

2 races


Organiser's Description

A half marathon and 10.6km trail running race around Hughenden Manor near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

Set at the stunning National Trust Estate, this race takes runners around the manor and out to the nearby Downley Common woodland.


  • Half Marathon


    21.2km | 336m+

    Trail Running Association (TRA) save £2.00

    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

  • Quarter Marathon


    10.6km / 168m+

    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Trail Running Association (TRA) save £2.00



  • Half Marathon


    21.2km | 336m+

    Trail Running Association (TRA) save £2.00

    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

  • Quarter Marathon


    10.6km / 168m+

    UK Athletics (UKA) save £2.00

    Trail Running Association (TRA) save £2.00


What's Included

- Entry to the race at an exclusive National Trust venue that you would normally have to pay to enter.
- A full marked course with on-route marshals
- Finishers medal
- First aid on site
- Car parking

  • Unique finisher medal
  • Explore the National Trust Estate after the race
  • Cafe on site


Parking is provided on-site.


The event is located at Hughenden Manor (National Trust). The postcode is HP14 4LA.

Our event base is situated at Hughenden Manor. A National Trust property and previously the home of Benjamin Disraeli, a former British Prime Minister.

There is car parking, toilets and a cafe all available on site.

The start/finish area can be found on the park grounds close to the church.

Course Details

The route consists of a 10.6km loop that runners can complete once, or twice for the half marathon.

The race starts with a downhill stretch within the estate grounds, followed by an undulating section to Downley Common.

The route then weaves its way in and out of the ancient woodlands, often revealing stunning views of the Hughenden Valley.

Expect a few hills and undulating terrain throughout. The course has a nice rhythm, and the final 2km is particularly enjoyable as you descend back to the finish.

Given the time of year, some sections will be wet and muddy. Trail shoes are essential.

Race information

Route Navigation
This race will be fully marked, with our orange arrow markers and ribbons.
Additionally, marshals are positioned on the route, in locations we deem difficult to manoeuvre yourself.

Aid stations
There will be a checkpoint situated at the end of the loop, for half marathon runners to use before completing their 2nd lap.
Mountain fuel energy gels
Fresh fruit

Kit List
All runners will be required to carry the following items for the entirety of the run:
Mobile phone (recommended)
Route map on watch/phone (recommended)
Trail running shoes

  • Cut off: 3.5hours

withdrawal options

By entering our race, you agree to the following withdrawal policy. This policy applies to all runners and no exceptions can be made.


More than 12 weeks before race day

6-12 weeks before race day

4-6 weeks before race day

Less than four weeks to race day


I am no longer able to attend the event, what can I do?
Please visit our withdrawals page to view our terms and make a withdrawal request. If you are eligible for a refund this will be automatically processed.

Can I defer my entry to another race?
We don't offer deferrals. If you can no longer run a race, please visit our withdrawals page.

Can I give my entry to a friend?
No, please follow our withdrawals process if you can no longer run a race.

After entering a race, what should I expect?
You will receive a confirmation email from us and a payment receipt from Stripe. This can sometimes take a few minutes to arrive and may end up in your junk folder.

As the event gets closer we will send you race relevant resources via email. We won't send you anything in the post.

How do I navigate the race route?
The primary form of navigation for all our races is via orange arrow markers and ribbons. Additionally, there will be several marshals at busier/confusing locations.

For our 50km races, you are required to carry a paper map (provided at registration), or have access to the GPS track on your phone or watch, just in case you need it as a backup.

What happens if I get lost?
Retrace your steps, looking out for a left/right turn that you may have missed.

If you have the GPS track on your watch or phone or are carrying a route map, consult this to help find the correct path.

If this fails, please call the event phone number.

Sometimes signage gets tampered with, if you think this is the case please alert the race director via the event phone number.

Remember, successfully navigating yourself around the route, is part of the challenge in a trail race, keep your head up and look out for signs at all times.

Can I listen to music during the race?
Yes, headphones are permitted, however, they must be removed at the start, when at checkpoints and at any road crossings.

Will there be toilets available on the route?
Most of our checkpoints have toilets, however, please check the specific race information to be sure.

What kit is mandatory?
Please check the 'Required gear' section on your specific race page.

Are pacers allowed?

How are road crossings navigated on the course?
Runners are responsible for their own safety while crossing roads, and if necessary they will need to stop to allow traffic to pass. We aim to have marshals at all busy road crossings to aid the safe crossing.

What happens if I'm injured or need to withdraw during the race?
In the first instance, please make your way to the nearest checkpoint, or walk back to a marshal (if you have recently passed one).

If you are unable to do this, and your injury is not life-threatening, please call the event phone number (provided in the race-specific communication).

In order to locate yourself and communicate this to us, we recommend having the OS Locate application downloaded to your phone.

In the event of a life-threatening injury, please do not hesitate to call the emergency services and then alert our event team.

Please return your timing wristband to a marshal before leaving the race.

What is the additional unattached entry fee?
Under UK Athletics Rules (Rule 3) any Competition Provider granted a Trail Running Licence by UKA must impose, in addition to the basic entry fee, an additional fee of £2 (to be known as the 'Additional Unattached Entry Fee') on every entrant in a Senior Open Trail Running race who is not a member of a Club affiliated to a National Association or is not a registered member of the TRA.


All our races are permitted by the Trail Running Association and operate under UK Athletics competition rules.

These rules can be viewed on the UK Athletics website.

Countryside code
All runners must adhere to the countryside code while participating in one of our events. An abbreviated copy of this is written below.

Fasten all gates
Keep to public paths across farmland
Guard against all fire risks
Use gates and stiles to cross fences hedges and walls
Take your litter home
Help keep water clean
Protect wildlife, plants and trees
Take special care on country roads
Make no unnecessary noise
You can read the full Countryside Code by clicking here

General rules
Competitors must be 17 years or over (on the day of the event) for half marathon races and 20 years or over for 50km races.
Runners must follow the marked route at all times.
Runners run this race completely at their own risk & will be required to sign a disclosure form before being permitted to run.
Dogs are not permitted on any of our races, this is due to a combination UK Athletics rules and insurance cover issues.
It is the runner's responsibility to navigate the course correctly, aided by our signage and ribbons. Runners in our 50k events must carry a digital or physical backup of the route.
Runners are required to record a time at each checkpoint using their timing wristband unless advised otherwise.
Runners must carry the mandatory equipment with them at all times.
Runners are permitted to carry poles.
Runners must recognise they have equal rights to be on the route and be courteous to other users.
Competitors should not jostle at stiles and other obstacles. Nor should they push past slower runners on narrow paths.
If a runner come across another competitor who is ill or hurt they MUST offer assistance.
A runner must retire immediately if asked to do so by a race official.
Pacers are not permitted.
Runners must remove headphones at the start of the race, at checkpoints and at road crossings.


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1 review


·5 months ago

A really great event. Well organised, brilliant route with amazing views


High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire


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