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Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image

Jurassic Coastal Challenge

Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image Jurassic Coastal Challenge event image

Jurassic Coastal Challenge

Portland, Dorset

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, Osprey Quay, Portland Dorset T5 1SA

Fri 22nd March 2024 - Sun 24th March 2024

4 races

£70.00 - £200.00

Organiser's Description

Run, walk or crawl a marathon a day for 3 days along the stunning Jurassic Coastal Path. 3 marathons in 3 days is the original Jurassic Coast Challenge format that is challenging but achievable by most. Runners, joggers, and walkers all take on the challenge and start at different times each day. The routes each day are marked on issued maps but don't require much navigation to follow as the coastal footpath is well marked along the way. The event is facilitated at the HQ area which is also the finish point of day 1. Meals, massage, shop, and briefing are all located at the HQ. Shuttle buses to and from the official challenge accommodation will be provided throughout the day.

The Votwo team will take care of everything at the event for you so all you need to concentrate on is completing the distance each day.


  • Jurassic Coastal Challenge 3 Days

    Friday / Saturday / Sunday


  • Jurassic Coast Challenge Day One


    Fri 22nd March 2024


  • Jurassic Coast Challenge Day Two


    Sat 23rd March 2024


  • Jurassic Coast Challenge Day Three


    Sun 24th March 2024




  • Jurassic Coastal Challenge 3 Days

    Friday / Saturday / Sunday


  • Jurassic Coast Challenge Day One


    Fri 22nd March 2024


  • Jurassic Coast Challenge Day Two


    Sat 23rd March 2024


  • Jurassic Coast Challenge Day Three


    Sun 24th March 2024



Course Details

Day One, 45.3 KM: Charmouth - Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (HQ)

Day Two, 42 KM: Portland Ferry Road - Lulworth Cove

Day Three, 43.6 KM: Lulworth Cove - Shell Bay

What's Included

GPS tracker, supplied by Geo Tracks

Event branded t-shirt

Food and drink on the course each day

Transport to and from the event HQ to the start/finish each day

Bespoke finishers medal

Free parking at the event HQ

Medical cover

On course support and mini bus pick up for retired participants

Event information pack

  • Bespoke medal for all 3 days or Marathon medal for one day
  • Well Stocked 3 check points each day

How to Get There

Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy,
Osprey Quay, Portland Dorset, DT5 1SA


Free parking at event base - Weymouth and Portland Saling Academy




The Jurassic coast line is well known for its spectacular views and challenging hills. Each day's route takes in a variety of terrain from coastal footpath to beaches and tracks.

The start point is just outside Charmouth and the course runs from West to East. The Challenge will finish on Day 3 at the National Trust Shell Bay Car Park, Studland. Many challengers will be pleased to note the route still includes the whole circumnavigation of Portland.

Event HQ:

This will act as a meeting point, catering area, massage/first aid point and reception. This will be open throughout the whole event to answer any questions, sell you some event merchandise or offer you some running advice. The Event HQ will be based at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.
Checkpoints (CPs):

These are located approximately every 10KM. At each CP you will be ‘checked’ in by the CP staff and your time logged. This means we know where you are on the course and if you are late for a checkpoint we can assist you.

All the CPs will be stocked with energy bars, jelly babies, salty snacks, filled rolls, water, squash, coke, and hot drinks (at CP 2 and 3). At the finish point each day a bowl of hot homemade soup and bread roll will await you. CP close times will be issued to you along with your actions on the emergency card. The event medics will be available at the CP.


Each day you will be instructed to meet at the event HQ and then be transported to the start. Once you join Votwo on the event you can leave your car at the event HQ and take advantage of the Votwo minibusses. On completion of the days run you will be transported back to the event HQ.

Medical assistance:

The course is covered by the medical support team. Every morning at challenge registration the medics will be available to sort out any blisters, tape feet up etc


The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Acadamy’s restaurant is providing the catering. Food vouchers are purchased at the event. Breakfast is £6 and the 2-course evening meal is £11 (prices as of 2019). The chef is briefed to make large, healthy portions suitable for people running a marathon a day! Please note prices might change.

Meals start on Thursday evening and finish on Sunday evening. The catering hall is located next to the HQ area at the Sailing Academy and provides a great social atmosphere in the evening, beer, wine and soft drinks available.

Running groups and daily start times:

There are two start groups each day.

Group 1 is predominately for walkers and slower runners. Group 1 starts first each day.

Group 2 is for runners and faster runners.

The briefing, bus and start times for each group on each day of the challenge will be provided in the pre-event information pack.

Your start group will be assigned for you. Start lists will be published two weeks before the event here.


Whilst taking part in the challenge it is compulsory for you to carry the following equipment. We will be enforcing the policy of no kit, no run. If the worst happens to you any of the below kit could really make a difference to your survival and wellbeing.

Essential kit: (to be carried on your person or in your rucksack)

A means of navigation

Actions on sheet (issued at registration)


Compass (make sure your compass is attached to you or your kit)

Waterproof top

Long trousers or tights

Gloves (waterproofed in a plastic freezer bag)

Hat (waterproofed in a plastic freezer bag)

Chocolate bar or similar

Small torch with spare batteries

More than 400ml of water or other drink

A lightweight piece of warm clothing (waterproofed)

A fully charged working mobile phone (waterproofed)

A notepad and pencil with your name and your mobile number written on it (waterproofed)

You must carry all the kit on the kit list. No exceptions.


As Weymouth and Portland are well provided for holiday towns there is no shortage of accommodation available. Here are a couple of suggestions below. Be sure to book early!

The Chesil Beach Holiday Park. 01305833103

The Royal Breakwater Hotel, Castletown, Portland, 01350 820476

Portland Heights Hotel, Yeates Road, Tophill, Portland, 01305 821361

The Portland Lodge, Easton Lane, Portland, 01305 860269

Hotel Aqua, Castletown, Portland, 01305 860269

Cove Holiday Park, Pennsylvania Road, Wakeham, Portland, 01305 821286

Swallows Rest, (Offers camping and motorhome hookups) Martleaves Farm, South Road, Weymouth, 01305 78525

If any competitors would like to stay on site in a campervan @ HQ, they will need to book a space via or by calling reception on 01305 866000. The cost is £18 per night.


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Portland, Dorset

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